Rumba Island Bar & Grill, Clearwater

My parents and I dined in at the Rumba Island Bar and Grill in Clearwater for the first time this past weekend. My dining experience was sub-par. First of all, the service was awful. Our server, whom of which I can’t even remember her name, should not have clocked in that day.  She was neither friendly nor helpful. She did not make eye contact or smile the entire time she served my parents and I. Our server didn’t keep our water glasses full nor did she take away our empty appetizer plates when she saw that we were finished. The plates were taken away by the young lady who delivered our entrees. Our server reached over our food and slammed down our (entree) dishes as she took them away. It was ridiculous to say the least.

I know people, particularly servers, could find a million in one reasons as to why we were served that way, but as an ex-server I can say that her service was bad. Truthfully. The restaurant was not packed and from what I could tell, she only had two or three tables at that time. I understand people have bad days, but she is in the customer service field. Her customers should not have to suffer for things outside of her job.

On to the food… If I had to rate the food on a scale 1-10 (ten being excellent), it would receive a 5. I ordered the Chef Donald’s Famous Shrimp Bisque and thought that was quite delicious. My parents ordered the Sweet Potato Green Tomato Tower and Calypso Calamari. Both of these items were extremely bland and tasteless. Needless to say, there were remains left on both plates. My mother and I ordered the Seafood Lafitte. It was decent, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. My father ordered the Seafood platter. The grilled Mahi Mahi and crab cake that were included in his dinner were tasty. The mac-n-cheese wasn’t so bad, but I can’t speak for the rest of the items included in his meal (I didn’t try them.).

Overall, our service was horrible and our food mediocre. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I wouldn’t try this restaurant again, but I definitely know what appetizers not to order and whose section I should avoid! Due to the fact that my first visit wasn’t pleasant, I don’t think I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone until I’ve given it a second go around.

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  1. MzEminentZeta6

    Chileee I would have given the waitress a piece of my mind and left that restaurant. Did you at least talk to the manager?

    • Actually, Alegra we didn’t. We tipped her and left. We probably should have spoken to the manager, but honestly what good would it have done? In my experience as a server, if someone complained about their service, the manager on duty spoke to the server, he/she provided their reasoning why their customers complained, and that was the end of it.

  2. The server was terrible and the food was mediocre. I agree with a second try, maybe something else on the menu and definitely a different server

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