Steve Harvey’s Straight Talk, No Chaser

I received this book as a Christmas gift last year. I didn’t ask for it nor was I enthusiastic about reading it. However, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to check it out especially since I haven’t picked up a leisure book since only God knows when. Growing up I loved reading and upon finishing  this book I realized that I still love reading. Unfortunately, during my undergraduate studies I was constantly forced to read textbook after textbook, which brought me to lose interest in reading outside of what was required of me. However, that is neither here nor there.

I have not read Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man in its entirety. I’ve only read bits and pieces of  chapters that I thought seemed amusing. I didn’t think it was necessary for me to read the first book prior to reading the second, and I still don’t. Matter of fact, I don’t plan on finishing the first book at all.

Going into this book, I thought I was going to be preached to and topics were going to seem repetitive. I also assumed that I was going to discover how to find, keep and understand a man. While I did learn a few things, I found that a lot of the information shared were things women should already know like the topic about nagging. I am guilty of this at times, but I am aware of how annoying it can be. No one, women included, wants to be nagged all the time about anything! Another example of this is the section called, “Art of the Deal”. Steve mentioned that people negotiate all the time. Is this information supposed to be new? In any relationship, negotiation is a requirement. Duh!

While reading this book, I felt like Steve was trying to convince me that I needed to change who I am to better suit a man. At times, it seemed as though Steve was contradicting himself. Although he advertently stated that in a relationship there needs to be a level playing field in order for it to work, he constantly implied that women basically needed to put forth more effort. Confusing? Yeah, I know.

However, as I mentioned before I did learn some things from Steve. I enjoyed reading the section titled, “Showing Your Appreciation”. While, I don’t think it’s necessary to constantly praise someone for things they should do without hesitation; I now understand how important it is to voice your appreciation from time to time. It’s always uplifting to be praised for things you’re not expected to do, but to be given recognition for things you are expected to do can go a long way. Although I enjoyed reading about showing appreciation, my favorite section was “Dollars and Sense”. I think this section gave great insight on what a man is really feeling during tough times and how to support him as he is experiencing it. This section did put things into perspective.

Overall, this book was easy to read and follow along. It did provide useful insight on relationships, specifically from the male point of view. As women, I think we like to only look at situations as we see them without taking in account others’ views. I think the purpose of this book was to help us view things differently and act accordingly. I would have liked to see some of that information shared spun in a different light rather than being re-gifted. While not all of the information was new to me that doesn’t mean it won’t be new to someone else. With that said, I do recommend that women read this book as they may find valuable information that is specific to their lives and current situations.

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  1. I read the Act Like A Lady think Like a Man, while I didn’t agree with all his suggestions I believe that Steve was generally on track with his views. The movie was a great show as well. I wrote a post on what I want from a wife…

  2. MzEminentZeta6

    Same with me…I read most of Steve’s first book but havent read the second one. Really no need for me to read it now…I guess 😉

  3. well said girlie and I have to read his second book …

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