Am I repressing me?

This post stems from this Facebook status I saw in my news feed yesterday. I had the same sentiments as the person who commented on this status. Whether or not it’s right or wrong, the person who posted this status is/was judged by the people who read it. This brought me to reflect on the things I post on my own social media accounts. I will be the first to admit that when I initially became a member of the social media world, I was not very mindful of the things I posted. I wouldn’t say that I was constantly uploading the infamous bathroom pic or the likes, but I can say that I did post some things I am not proud of. I’ve since then deleted those pictures and changed privacy settings in hopes that someone with a vendetta against me hasn’t saved them to a “The day Tara becomes famous, I’ll expose her” folder on their desktop. These days, I am very mindful of the things I post on my social media outlets. I also preach to my siblings about the importance of thinking twice about posting that picture that seems innocent to them, but may hold a whole other meaning to someone else.

Now, I see posts like the one above every single day from the younger generation, but to see people my age or older posting things like this leaves me scratching my head. At what age do people realize that the things they post on social media websites can be held against them? Anyone, including myself as I’ve done for this post, can take what you post and save it to use anyway they choose. Why subject yourself to that possibility? I know someone reading this is thinking, “It’s my profile; I can post what I want.” You’re absolutely right. You can post what you want, but why hinder yourself from receiving awesome opportunities because you decided  to post a picture of yourself flicking off the camera?  

As an adult, I know how I want to be portrayed through my social media accounts and I aim to make sure that image is achieved. I’m not pretending to be anyone other than myself, and I do have days where I just want to rant and curse about life’s trials and tribulations. I just choose to do that on a platform that I know I will not have to worry about the possibility of someone like a future employer, seeing what I thought about my friend’s raggedy boyfriend. I am an educated young lady who enjoys life, and I don’t want people to think otherwise. I like to also keep in mind that anything I post may be seen by the children I plan to have in the future. I don’t want to be an embarrassment to them, myself, or anyone else who knows me.

My advice to people posting on social media outlets is very obvious, think about what you’re posting. In life we will come across people who will want to repress us; don’t add into that by repressing yourself in avenues that allow you to dictate how you are viewed and judged by others.  Allow your pictures and posts to exemplify the person you know you are or want to be. I’d also like to suggest that people seriously ask themselves, what does my Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media website, say about me? Trust me it says a lot.

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  1. Well stated I couldn’t agree more. This social media thing is way out of hand.

    • Thank you. More importantly, people are getting out of hand by misusing and abusing social media networks.

    • It is definitely getting out of hand. I am like the FB police with my little sisters. I tell them that what they post is not only a reflection of them but of me and the family too. Although it gets irritating, I keep on reminding them and talking to them because if I don’t then who will.

      • YES!!! It truly is irritating. My youngest brother is the usual culprit and I am constantly telling him about posting things to the internet. He doesn’t listen though. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to have to learn the hard way.

      • I couldnt agree more..

  2. Great point to ponder on, n well said i must say 😉

  3. Well said sis!!!! 🙂

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