My Top 10 Must Haves for Summer 2012

We are nearing the official start of the summer season and unfortunately for the those of us living in Florida, summer weather actually seems to be year-round. I’ve come up with a list of ten things I think are necessary for this summer season. These are by no means arranged in any kind of order.


Numero Uno: Bright Nails!!! Bright hues on your nails is essential this summer and this is definitely the season you can get away with it. Right now, I’m wearing a shade called Sunshine, and it’s just that!


Two & Three: I combined these simply because the picture engulfs two things I think will be hot this summer. It’s a maxi dress and the print is tribal. Tribal print seems to be making a huge splash as we leave the spring season and enter the summer season. Furthermore, summer screams maxi dress! This dress is gorgeous and I hope I can find it!


Quatre: wedges. WEDges. WEDGES! I absolutely love wedges. They’re my favorite type of shoe and I wear them year around. However, I try to stay far away from cork during the fall/winter seasons, but will most certainly rock them during the summer season. Cork wedges are a hot commodity and should be included in any summer wardrobe.

 :خَمْسَةٌ I know this article of clothing will be a flash back for all those who were subjected to the wild 80s trends. Well, it’s back again. Unfortunately, as soon as hits stores, they usually sell out quickly. I had to find an old jean jacket and cut the sleeves off to be apart of this trend. The jean vest can be worn in other seasons of course, but I think it would be a nice addition to a cute floral print dress.   

 Bronzer! Try applying bronzer instead of the normal blush application. I’ve recently become a fan of blush, but I was introduced to bronzer a little while ago. I have a darker complexion, so I try to pick a bronzer that is deep in color. I usually apply it to the T-Zone and my cheek bones. It gives me a glowing look that I can’t get from my blush.

                                                                  Sette e Otto :  I’m going to hit two birds with one stone for this. To the right is an asymmetrical sheer top. Asymmetrical cuts have made their way back onto the fashion scene and they’ve come back in full force. I’ve seen asymmetric shirts, skirts and dresses. I’m not a big fan of asymmetric skirts and dresses, but I do own a few tops. I think they add a bit of flair to my wardrobe that I’m unable to get with my regular cut tops. Sheer tops are always a must have in any woman’s closet. I absolutely love the combination of the two styles!


Tisa: In order to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for this post, I googled “Grandma Sunglasses”. Grandma glasses are a cute way to accent your summer wardrobe and keep the sun out of your eyes. I’ve noticed that this type of frame has been pushing out the aviator and Ray Ban style glasses!


10: My final item that is a must have for the summer is a smile. As easy as it is,  a smile should always be the finishing touch to any wardrobe.

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  1. U hit it on the head! The tribal asymmetric and sheer are my faves this summer!

  2. Absolutely agree with the items listed.. Especially number 10! Which is for all seasons 🙂 Good tips too!

  3. MzEminentZeta6

    Yes for the asymmetrical sheer tops, sunglasses, and bright nails. But errr I’m not really a fan of wedges. I have bad visuals from those asians stomping around in them in the nail salon. Lol.

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