Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

Congratulations to the Miami Heat on becoming the 2012  NBA Champions. Before anyone jumps to the incorrect conclusion, I am not a Miami Heat fan. I am a fan of basketball. My favorite team is the Orlando Magic and my favorite player is Ray Allen. With that said, I can without any hesitation send a congratulatory notion to the Miami Heat.

During the regular season, the Miami Heat were #2 in the conference and #1 in the Southeast division. Now, they are the 2012 NBA Champions. As a team, the Heat  had to overcome some obstacles from Bosh’s injury to Wade’s long-lasting leg pains. However, in my opinion,  the Miami Heat absolutely deserve their newly achieved title. Overall, they had a good regular and post-season.

While I understand that Lebron James alone did not win the title, I’d like to briefly focus on him mainly because he’s faced so much criticism since he decided to take his talents to South Beach.

I think Lebron James is an outstanding ball player. He has his ups and downs, but overall he’s great. I won’t dare compare him to Michael Jordan because LJ is an amazing player in his own right. I’m glad that he won a ring in his second season with the Miami Heat, especially after the let down against the Dallas Mavericks last season (Though, I have to admit that I was happy Dirk finally won a ring). It was a long trying journey, but Lebron got the job done.

I don’t think Lebron’s critics will stop antagonizing him just yet, but at least he’s achieved something that a lot of them thought he was incapable of doing.  That should at least bring the criticism down a notch, but it won’t completely stop.

Negativity always seems to outweight positivity when it comes to a lot of people’s perceptions of the world. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to change the opinion of others. All we can really do is continue to move forward and not allow others’ opinions to deter us from accomplishing our goals.

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  1. I think this is well said!!! Unfortunately there will always be haters, whether you do bad or good especially for those in better positions in their lives and have things going for them. kudos to you for giving credit where it is due although you’re not a fan of the team but of the sport!

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