Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Update #2)

Three episodes after from my first review, here’s my latest spiel on LHHATL.

My two favorite characters are Rasheeda and Erica. I believe they are the most genuine out of the entire Love & Hip Hop-ATL cast.

At first, I didn’t really like Rasheeda because she was just  a bit too hood for me. However, in the last three episodes, we all saw a much softer side of the “Boss Chick”. I actually admire her for the many roles she plays. She’s a wife, mother and a career woman who takes each role seriously. Personally,  I think she made the right decision by going to visit another agent. If she’s not where she wants to be in her career, maybe starting anew is her best bet!

Erica is a tough woman. Although she would like for her relationship to work with Scrappy, it appears that she is aware and willing to accept that it may not. That says a lot about her character. She knows what’s best for her and I believe she’ll stay true to that.

In watching the last three episodes, I’ve realized that K. Michelle is crazy. She has a beautiful voice, but she is a loose cannon. I don’t think she handled either meeting with Karlie Redd like an adult. It seems to me that the rumors about her being crazy have some substance to them. Sheesh!

The Mimi-Stevie J-Joseline love triangle is just a big mess. Everyone in the situation is lacking something mentally. What I mean by that, is that something negative is deeply rooted in each person, which is allowing them to behave they way they are. Stevie J is so far from being a real man, it’s disgusting. Joseline is the sideline and she’s okay with that. Mimi has put up with Stevie J’s nonsense and doesn’t seem to really realize how ridiculous she is for continuing to participate in  the charades. Everyone in this situation needs to self-reflect, find out the issue within themselves and commit to making better decisions. I wish that Joseline was done with the situation, but obviously she’s not considering she and Stevie J are now engaged (Reported my However, I do commend her for stepping up and setting up a meeting with Mimi.

Lil Scrappy really needs to get his mind together. He needs to self-reflect and find out what it is he truly wants in life. And his mother is just doing thee most. It actually bothered me that she called Erica, the mother of her grandchild, a bitch in front of Scrappy’s new fling, Shay. I don’t think that was called for. Mama D needs to find something to do with her time, so she won’t feel compelled to stay so involved in Scrappy’s life. I must admit though that I laughed out loud when Shay asked why Erica was over Scrappy’s house that early anyway. Let’s be real Shay, you know why!

Okay, was I the only one completely creeped out by Benzino and Karlie Redd? Their relationship seems to be moving at a very fast pace, but to each his or her own. I guess… It does appear that Benzino is genuine about his feelings for Karlie and vice versa, so I’m interested in seeing how their relationship develops.

Now, a repeated theme that I’ve heard over the course of the show is that some of the characters want to stay together for the sake of their child ( Lil Scrappy & Erica and Stevie J & Mimi). I think that is a great attitude to have, but that can’t be the only reason you want to make a relationship work. In situations where two people are only together for the sake of the child(ren) can cause more harm to the child(ren) than if the parents were separated. I think people should be in relationship because they want to be and believe it’s best for them, which in turn will result in being better for the child(ren).

What are your thoughts?

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