I can’t begin to express how much I look forward to warmer weather. I recently relocated to an area that actually has a winter season, and I must say, as a true Florida native, I hate to be cold. I’ve found it hard to come up with chic outfits that look good while I try to stay warm. So, needless to say, this outfit was a challenge. Although, it may not look it. 🙂 I love when I’m able to pair my leopard print shoes with an outfit! I thought the colors in my sneakers complimented the colors in my sweater. Don’t be afraid to pair different prints, you never know how awesome the outcome can be.



Sweater: Target

Jeans: JC Penney

Guess Sneakers: Ross

Fossil Watch: Gift


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  1. True indeed … You gave a good idea to sis
    .. Thanks 🙂

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