Steubenville Rape

imagesThe verdict is in. The two young boys involved in the rape of a 16-year-old drunken girl have been found guilty.Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond inserted their fingers in a girl who was unable to consent. In the state of Ohio, this is considered rape. Mays may have to serve a minimum of two years in a juvenile detention center, and Richmond will have to serve a minimum of one. Both boys will have to register as sex offenders, and undergo treatment while in detention. There’s a possibility that the boys will stay longer, but it’s dependent on their behavior and treatment.

After reading several articles on this matter, I have a lot of things floating around in my head. For instance, why are these kids getting plastered, and who is supplying the alcohol? I hope there is further investigation into where these kids were able to purchase the booze, and who was supplying it the minors. None of the neighbors thought to call the police to report an unsupervised house party full of underage drinking teenagers? In college, plenty of parties were shut down by the police, and most of us could drink legally. The adults who supplied the alcohol should definitely be held accountable. Another thing I don’t understand is how these boys didn’t understand that what they were doing was wrong. Have they never watched a single episode of Law & Order SVU???  In high school I learned that a drunken person cannot give consent. So, I can’t imagine that they were completely oblivious to that simple fact. If by some mere chance they didn’t know, why would they want to do sexual things to someone who wasn’t coherent? Something else that I just don’t get is that the victim is being blamed. How wretched is that?  I read an article that included comments made on a social media account belonging to a Deidre Myers’ about how the girl who was raped, was the town’s “train whore”. I guess being promiscuous gives people the right to take advantage of you. Furthermore, people witnessed the attacks and pictures/video of the encounter were uploaded to social media sites. So, everyone was okay with this? No one thought it was wrong? It doesn’t make sense. People can’t be that ignorant. Can they?

largeThe more I read about this case, the more I am deeply disgusted. The parent of an old friend of the rape victim allegedly said publicly that she hoped the girl got AIDS. Seriously? How could a a MOTHER say that? This young girl’s life will never be the same. Never. In my opinion, these boys are lucky that they weren’t tried as adults and sent to prison. Granted they have to register as sex offenders forever, but they should have to suffer some real consequences. Their lives should be rattled just like the victim’s was. I believe that people reap what they sow. So, all of these people lashing out at the victim, adults and teens included, will get what they deserve. One should never wish ill on anyone else. It’s not humane nor is moral. Two teenage girls were just arrested for making online threats against the victim. Dumb move by the girls; smart move by the police. I wonder if the people who support these boys and their actions have some intense desire to belong? Are the football players and those who are connected to them held with such high regard that people will disregard what’s right in order to fit in and be accepted? In this case, it definitely looks like it.

It appears that it’s an either “for us or against us” mentality in this community. I’ve read over and over about how this community compares to Friday Night Lights. If that’s the case, I’m worried that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Social Media has only been playing a major role in the lives of our youth for a few years. So, what’s happened there before Twitter and Facebook became mainstream? Needless to say, victims probably won’t want to speak up now because of all the  garbage thrown at the victim. No need to further divide this community over the God-given rights of individuals, right? It breaks my heart that things like this happen. I didn’t have to read about particular case to know that situations like this happen all the time. However, I can appreciate that light was shed on this case, and maybe it will help people get a better grasp on the world we live in. Maybe this case will even make people want to change things about their lives and their community.

To end on a positive note, I want to say that it was very commendable of the people who spoke out on behalf of the rape victim, and those who brought attention to this case. There is good in this world. Not to mention, it was very brave and courageous for the girl to take the stand even if she didn’t recall what happened that evening (thankfully social media did). I hope she gets the help she needs to help her live a prosperous life.PS_0

Here’s more on the Steubenville rape case:

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  1. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    First of all, I would like to say that I returned to your blog after your message to me on LinkedIn. You seem like a genuine person who truly cares about others. I am commenting on this post because: 1. I like Law and Order SVU and 2. I was raped when I was a virgin.
    Also 3. I appreciate your strong writing skills…
    Thanks for engaging me. It made the difference!

    • Thank you, Lorraine. You seem like a very good judge in character because the assumptions you made about me are true. 🙂 I’m glad that you were able to connect to this post. I hope that I can continue to keep you engaged.

      The whole situation surrounding the Steubenville rape case is disheartening. I hope the victim has started her healing process, and has a lot of positive people around her.

  2. My sixteen-year-old son and I were discussing the case and the many statements of “I didn’t think it was rape” that came from it and he was offended. Malik’s attorney actually said (paraphrasing) that a sixteen year old boy’s mind wasn’t capable of making this determination or understanding this. I’m glad that I have a son who sees the idiocy of this statement. If they didn’t know this was rape there’s an entirely different conversation that needs to be had, like maybe, just perhaps we should keep them behind bars until they are educated and mature enough to understand, we wouldn’t want them to accidentally assault another girl!

    • Exactly! It’s really hard to believe that these boys had no idea that what they were doing was wrong. I mean, someone should have asked them if they would want to be fondled while they’re incoherent. I highly doubt they were that sheltered, especially considering how they were able to drink alcohol, and go to multiple parties in one night.

      • You know the interesting thing was Trent Mayo’s non-apology! He apologized basically for sharing video, texts, or pictures which eventually led him to getting caught. The culture of the town was exactly what led these boys to believe that what they were doing was fine, not their lack of understanding of assault. They were the pride of the town and taught they could do no wrong, including rape apparently.

      • That’s the mindset of a lot of criminals. They aren’t remorseful for the harm they’ve caused, but rather they’re sorry they were caught. Everyone from that town played a part in what happened to that girl (and probably plenty others). It’s sad that it took someone outside to bring attention to it. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call.

  3. It’s sad and not a little bit depressing that this kind of thinking persist. How much education is required before its understood that rape is never ok and never the victim’s fault. Good for you for taking on such a challenging topic.

    • It is very depressing. I think that while most people know the difference of what is right and wrong, some choose to ignore it because there’s a possibility that they can get away with it. When you get down to the root of this idea, it’s really unfortunate. Thank you!

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