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Inappropriate-Mass-AttireI recently had a discussion about whether or not I would wear a pair of edgy heels to church. My answer was no. Do six-inch heels, tight dresses/skirts, and breast bearing outfits have a place in church? My answer to this would be NO!

I may have an old-school mentality when it comes to what I wear to church, but some of you all have no mentality when it comes to the topic. I don’t understand why someone would think it’s appropriate to wear something you’d clearly wear to a club (or a night outing) to church.  I don’t think you should be a distraction to other church-goers, and you’re doing just that when you decide to wear a dress that shows too much cleavage and heels that have leopard print, spikes, and a clear platform. I’m just saying!

For those who think it’s appropriate to wear these types of things to church, would you wear these things to your place of work? If you answered yes to this question, you probably don’t have the mindset to dress for the job you want. I find that what I would wear to work is something I’d also wear to church, and vice versa. However, I think the issue of what to wear to church goes to some people’s reasoning as to why they’re there in the first place. To some people, church is a fashion show and/or a place to be seen, which for obvious reasons is a terrible way of thinking.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should go to church in your grandma’s dress accompanied by white stockings and black Mary Janes. I just think you should reconsider going to church looking like you just got in from the club and didn’t have time to change. There’s nothing wrong  with being stylish when you attend church, but remember the sole purpose of going. I can without a doubt tell you that that purpose is not to try to impress other members of the congregation. No, I don’t think you will praise any differently based on what you wear, but I do think there is a time and place for everything.


What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Wow! Talk about perfect timing! We were just talking about this with my husband on Easter Sunday! You know that certain holidays make people who NEVER GO TO CHURCH decide to go. Well it was a mess. I am very simple person always have so my husband is not used to me wearing anything “club” like apparel. We witnessed a girl (very pretty) but VERY inappropriately dressed. She was right next to her mother and father. My husband said, “I would never let my daughter leave the house dressed like that! Especially not to church!” I think personally it is a sign of disrespect. No, I am not hating. People can wear what they want and we are no one to judge for only god will judge us. It appears however that common sense has flown out the window and that this type of situations are becoming more accepted as just the way a woman can dress. I personally think it shows a lack of self-esteem. It is as if you are craving for attention. There is a difference between classy and trashy and more people are thinking that trashy is classy.

  2. In the quest to be welcoming to all — and I’m all for that — church people are making a big mistake. To many Americans, it is a gesture of welcome to accept people “as the are.” Unfortunately, many translate this as — “Accept me at my grungiest or you are a hypocrite.”

    The intention of the people making the welcoming gesture is to remove barriers to church participation.

    It’s gone beyond that. Now we accept any attire for any reason and often the reason for inappropriate attire is selfish. Either people are too inconsiderate of others to make an effort or they are trying to draw attention to themselves.

    The effect might be detrimental to a congregation’s missin. Visitors often have different expectations. They may come from cultures where dressing down in public is inappropriate and not just in tsk-tsk ways. It is highly offensive on many levels. Inappropriate attire, in this case, is unwelcoming.

    Unfortunately, appropriate behavior needs to be taught and modeled. It no longer goes without saying.

    I recently visited a church. Someone made a point of introducing me to the church council president—a lawyer, they said. It was a holiday Sunday. He was a middle-aged, husky fellow, dressed in a baggy, underwear weight T-shirt and sweat shorts. I couldn’t help but envision him in court looking that way! He seemed to think nothing of being in God’s house in sloppy attire.

    True, we are supposed to be thinking of other things in church. But it is easier to think lofty thoughts when the people around us have shown consideration for the occasion and for one another. Church is community, after all.

    • I agree with everything you said. It’s not appropriate to dress scantily to church. In my opinion, there’s no way you could defend dressing inappropriately to work. If you’re there to try to please God, you will dress accordingly. I’m not a hypocrite, or judging others (what some may argue); I’m just giving my opinion. When people dress in provocative clothing, it’s most likely because they want attention. However, you should tempt your fellow church goers. Everyone is on a different spiritual path, but you want to be sure not to intervene negatively in others. I believe in taking pride in how I dress myself. That belief doesn’t diminish when I step into church.

      Thank you for sharing Judith!

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