The Thirst Does Not Discriminate: Ray J & Kim K.

rayjkimHe’s at it again. Brandy’s little brother is still trying to exploit the sex tape that he and Kim K  made. Let’s remember that he tape was “leaked” in 2007. Well, he just released a single titled, “I Hit It First.” Really, Ray J? This was definitely a publicity ploy. Ray J has been a trending topic on Twitter for the past few days, and several media outlets have picked up the story, including Tyla Times. I’ve listened to the song, and it’s trash. It’s poorly done, which credits the idea that this has to be a publicity stunt.

Initially when I heard about Ray J’s latest scheme, I thought he was solely desperate for attention. However, the more I think about it, I now truly believe he’s using this as a publicity stunt to make himself relevant again. He’s probably working on a new album or has some new project that probably wouldn’t have received any attention if he hadn’t released this single. The easiest way to get in the media’s spotlight is to say or do something that’s considered outlandish. Ray J did just that, again.

As of today, I haven’t heard about Kanye or Kim K retaliating. I hope they don’t give in, and address the situation. However, If Kanye decides to retaliate, I can only imagine the outcome. It’s sure to be a lyrical massacre.

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