Love In The Club

find-love-online-dating-sitesI’ve had this discussion with several of my friends and for the most part, I’ve stayed consistent with my answer. Once upon a time, I did think you could find that special someone in the club. However at that time, I happened to be an undergrad whose mind was clouded by very juvenile perceptions.

It is hard to find someone up to your standards. You usually have to go through a few bad experiences until the right one comes along.  No argument there. I just don’t think searching for him or her in the club will increase your odds. In my opinion and experience, finding your soul-mate in the club is highly unlikely. I believe this to be true because of a few reasons, some of which I’m going to list here:

1. Under the influence

The person you meet in the club will most likely be under some influence, whether it be alcohol, drugs or his/her peers. Either way, you’re not going to meet the real person until those circumstances are taken out of the equation.

2. In Search Of… 

A lot of people go to the club in search of something, but it’s probably the exact opposite of what you’re searching for if you’re going to find love. It’s the truth that some people go to the club in hopes that they’ll meet someone worth taking home… for the night. Clubs are fairgrounds for people to meet and have one-night stands.

dating fail

3. First Impression

If you meet someone in the club, you can bet your next paycheck on it that he/she didn’t approach you because you like thriller mystery novels. You were approached solely on your appearance. Women often go to the club proactively dressed to grab the attention of a male counterpart. Guys often try to look like they have deep pockets to impress other club-goers. People put on a facade when they go to the club; don’t act like you haven’t noticed that. So, your first impression is bound to be tainted.

4. Testimony

How many people do you know who’ve met their husband or wife in the club? Listen to the stories of couples you know, and find out where they met. Most often it’s a place of mutual interest, i.e. school, organizational function, work.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s impossible to meet your true love in the club, but chances are, you won’t. I’m not saying you should go out to other venues looking either. You should acknowledge the possibility that you’ll probably meet your future husband/wife doing something you enjoy outside of the club. and it will most likely be at a time when you’re not looking.

What do you think? Do you think your other-half will be found in the club? Love_Will_Find_You_by_snowyowl199513

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  1. While I agree, I’ve never met my true love in a club. I did meet my fiance at a bar, and while it wasn’t an average bar in the city. It was still a bar lol and our story is pretty romantic, but again I think it depends on the individual circumstance. I wasn’t looking (in fact I was talking to someone else at the time!) and he wasn’t looking either. We just were at the right place, at the right time. The average person most likely won’t meet the perfect someone at a club. I’m a romantic at heart though so I do think it’s possible.

    • Definitely the right place and time! And congrats on your engagement! A lot of bars aren’t as busy as clubs, which would make it less difficult to meet someone. While, I don’t think it’s impossible to meet someone at the club, i just think it’s unlikely. However, to each his or her own. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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