Jason Collins is Gay

130429103022-jason-collins-cover-single-image-cutJason Collins is gay. He’s also the first active professional male athlete to ever announce his homosexuality. I’ve read several articles, and listened in to different sports talk radio shows. There’s definitely a division among the people. Some are very supportive of Collins, while others wonder why it was necessary to make an announcement. Not to mention, the religious folks who are saying it’s an abomination.

I’m not taking any stance on the issue aside from my own. I think it’s very commendable that Jason Collins was able to be true to himself by deciding not to continue to live a lie. Just think of how many athletes who in the past and present couldn’t live the life he wanted to because of the public scrutiny he might receive.

I personally don’t think this should be made into a religious thing, but I will address it because it was brought up. Homosexuality is considered a sin in some religions, but so is condemning and judging others.  As I understand, ESPN correspondent, Chris Broussard, made a statement that was very religious in nature. I’m not going to knock him for that because it’s his right to express his views and opinions. From what I’ve learned though, no sin is greater than the other.  So, why isn’t there a big uproar when celebrities announce having children out of wedlock, e.g. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

I could honestly careless that Jason Collins is gay. It doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I mean who knows how many NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL players are gay? I think it’s unfair that they can’t be open about who they are because of the backlash they may receive in the public eye. I personally couldn’t imagine having to hide who I am because of what others may say. In that sense, I think Collins deserves respect whether you agree with his sexual preference or not.

At the end of the day we are all human,  but we are all individually different. From what I’ve learned from my world religions class is that most religions whether it be Christianity or Hinduism, teach their followers to be kind and accepting of others. You don’t have to agree with homosexuality to have respect for someone who is homosexual. At the end of the day he is a human being and deserves to be treated as such.friendship-picture-quotes_17855-1

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  1. Who cares…play ball

  2. No sin is greater than another. Instead of focusing on others wrong doings we need to repent for ours. I was really disappointed with Chris Broussard’s comments.

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