Trend Alert: High-Waisted Bathing Suits

Summer is quickly approaching, which means beach and pool trips! Yes!!! As a Florida native, I’ve always visited the beach on a regular basis. In preparing for my trips to the beach or pool, my biggest struggle was finding a bathing suit that I felt comfortable in. I don’t have the perfect body, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to accentuate the assets that I do value. Until I get in tip-top condition, I want a bathing suit that I’ll feel comfortable and sexy wearing.

High waisted

So, needless to say that I’ve been ecstatic about the reappearance of the high-waisted bathing suit. I noticed the trend reappeared last year, but I didn’t see it as much. Now, it’s everywhere. I’ve always liked the old-school look, but the best part about this style is that it can be worn on different body types. The high waist allows for women to hide the pudge they weren’t able to get rid of at the gym. It also elongates the legs, which doesn’t make the legs seem too big or stumpy. Not to mention, these high waist suits can be paired with different types of tops, like a bandeau or a halter top; it just depends on how you want to cover or flaunt your upper-body.

high waisted plus size

If you’re still worried about how to mask your not-so-perfect body, try choosing a high-waisted bathing suit with a print that doesn’t draw attention to your flaws. Polka dots and multi-directional stripes do an excellent job of drawing attention away from the things you’d like to hide. High-waisted bathing suits with darker base colors may also be a solution.

The beach/pool is a place to swim, soak up rays, breathe in fresh air and enjoy yourself. While choosing the perfect bathing suit for your body may be important; it shouldn’t take away from the reason you decide to go to one of these relaxing environments. Then again, who wants to leave the house half-stepping? Happy swim suit season! beach

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  1. I love these Bathing suits !!!

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