RiRi Summer MAC Collection

rihanna-mac-cosmetics-summer-lineIn less than 2 hours, the RiRi Summer MAC Collection will be available to consumers online at MAC Cosmetics. Last month, MAC released one of three Rihanna-inspired lipsticks, RiRi Woo Matte Lipstick. This lipstick was created using Ruby Woo as the blueprint. It is said that RiRi Woo is darker, and has more of a blue undertone. Today’s launch will feature RiRi Boy and Heaux Matte Lipsticks, Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo, and Rose Gold Lustre Drops.

Having done some research, I’ve learned that RiRi Boy Matte Lipstick is extremely similar to Up the Amp (MAC lipstick). From what I can tell, they’re essentially the same. Heaux Matte Lipstick has been compared to Rebel (MAC lipstick), but from what I have seen, Heaux has more of a red undertone.

That being said, if I am able to make a purchase today, I only plan to buy the Heaux Matte Lipstick. I’m not at all interested in the powder duo or the drops. RiRi’s Heaux Matte lipstick seems to be the most unique lipstick offered in her summer collection.

Do you plan on purchasing anything from Rihanna’s line? If so, share the deets!


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  1. Amber Lancaster

    Very smart and informative. Perhaps this is a well thought out marketing strategy for colors they would like to bring attention to. Either way, well done Rihanna for monopolizing the items and branding them as your own.

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