China Glaze’s That’s Shore Bright










China Glaze’s “That’s Shore Bright” is my new favorite nail polish color! This particular color is a part of their Sunsational Collection. I saw a very similar color on an associate at Target, and she informed me that her color was made by OPI. I believe Essie has a similar color as well. However, when I walked into the nail salon, my eyes were instantly drawn to this color. If you’ve ever tried China Glaze, then you’d most likely agree that their polishes are of good quality. China Glaze polishes are very pigmented and long-lasting. I plan to purchase this polish because I love it, and compared to OPI and Essie, the price is a lot better. The “T” rating (The “T” Rating is the official Tyla Times rating scale, with 5 Ts being the highest.) that I am going to give this polish is…

T Rating 5 Stars

Interested in checking out some of China Glaze’s other hot colors! Here’s a link to their website,

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  1. This color is pretty. I think I am going to purchase it. Thanks Tyla Times

  2. Christina jones

    My favorite color is purple, so of course I love this. I’ve never heard of china glaze but I have heard of opi and I own opi nail products. I’ll have to give china glaze a try though.

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