Stressful Job? 5 Tips To Help Cope

workplace_stressI’m sure at one time or another we’ve all felt stressed out about our work environment. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this feeling. That being said, I’ve found ways to deal with these unwarranted feelings. Here’s 5 tips to help you deal with your stressful work environment:

1. Pray or Meditate.

I find that praying or mediating before going into work helps a lot. It can put your mind to ease, and allow you to go into work with a clear slate. It’s also a way to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

2. Do something that you love.

If you’re current job is only fulfilling you financially, try to find something you can do on the side that brings you joy. For instance, if you enjoy working with kids, find a volunteer position that involves kids. This can provide a balance in your life that you never knew could exist.

3. Have a positive outlook.

Being positive is so important in a negative atmosphere. If you look at everything with a negative perspective, everything is going to be negative. Don’t allow things you have no control over change, shift or alter you. Maintaining a positive outlook is something you can control. So, control it!

4. Leave work at work.

It’s very easy to take work home with you, even if it’s not actual work. Leave the issues you have with your job, at your job. Enjoy the time you spend away from your workplace. It’s your time, and it’s valuable. Time is something we can’t get back; don’t waste it.

5. Do the best you can do.

Be the best employee you can be. Take pride in knowing that you’re doing your best work. Regardless of what others may say or think, only you know your true potential and what you’re capable of. If you know you’re going above and beyond, that’s something you can be proud of and defend if necessary.

I hope these tips help, and if you have any additional tips, please share!

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  1. Really great tips and I would also like to add Self Care which I also find to be beneficial … Sometimes we have to take a step back and take time for ourselves to avoid burnout (Stress, being physically drained, etc) … We may love what we do or work hard doing what we do but we want to be able to do it … lol

  2. Vacations are always great …

  3. Having goals for your future helps too, especially if you have ideas for better opportunities ahead that you can start working towards now. Planning for the career I have today gave me hope and helped me survive an understaffed, toxic work environment.

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