Fall 2013 Must Haves

It’s that time again! It’s time to share my list of must haves for the upcoming/current season. With that said, here is my list of fall 2013 must haves:

1. Dark Nails! As much as we love the bright colors, it’s no longer the season for them. It’s time to opt for darker pigmented colors. Unfortunately, I happen to hate Essie’s fall 2013 collection with the exception of one color, Vested Interest. I’m also not at fan of OPI’s fall collection either. So, I can’t recommend any of those colors aside from the one I mentioned. If you don’t want to go too dark, nude or taupe (A review on one of my fav taupes http://wp.me/p2sEQO-Fc) are always a good option.


2. Mustard, Cobalt & Olive! These are three colors that you’re closet or dresser should have for the fall. Neither of  these colors are dull, and will add flair to whatever you pair them with. Mustard is a very versatile color and would pair very well with either cobalt or olive. If you’re daring, you can even opt to wear all three colors. It’s very possible, trust me!

Fall 2013 Colors

3. Bold Prints! This is a must, and can be worn in several different ways. You can pair a bold printed top with a pair of jeans or stretch pants. Or you can wear a bold printed bottom with a solid color top. If you’d rather wear something more reserved with a bit of spice, try accessorizing with a bold printed clutch or a pair of heels that have a bold print. Opting for either choice will add just the right amount of flair to your outfit.


4. Purple lips! Alright ladies, I know you’re going to be a little sketchy on this trend. However, you just have to find the lippie that best compliments your skin tone. Purple is an awesome fall color, and it looks really good on different skin tones. I especially like Wet n’ wild Sugar Plum Fairy and Vamp It Up (919B). I also love Maybelline’s Berry Brazen. There are so many shades of purple. So, it won’t be too hard to find something that compliments you.


5. Booties Galore! Since we are easing into the colder weather, now would be the perfect time to bring out the booties. At this point, they can be open-toed or closed-toe. This is all dependent on your style and the temperatures in your area. I just picked a pair of Nine West booties and they are to die for!


What are some of your fall 2013 must haves?

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  1. MzEminentZeta6

    I love mustard-colored clothing and dark lipsticks. I have started early on the dark nail color. Lol.

  2. I love the grey heels and would love a pair of grey suede boots. Any ideas?

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