DIY: Wall Art

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect picture to hang in your home? Well, fret no more. I have a solution to your problem. All you’ll need is:

1. Frame (Depends on the space where you’d like to hang it.)

2. Scrap book paper

These things can be bought at your local arts & craft store. Below you’ll see a frame I purchased from Michaels. I also picked out two sheets of scrap-book paper because my bathroom is teal, white and black. The teal scrap-book paper alone was not enough. So, I got creative and placed the white printed scrap-book paper over the teal paper to create this look. You can manipulate the scrap paper, and layer it to create the look you want. It’s all up to you; take charge!


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  1. When I looked at some of the wall art for sale in department stores, I decided to do some of my own. It’s so easy! Plus, I found that I do have artistic abilities!

  2. Today I was in the dentist’s office and I saw simple photos of city landmarks in black and white and some in color on what looked like canvas…I thought to myself, I can take the photos and have them imprinted on canvas or simply matted and framed. I decided that I need not buy what I see in the store.

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