Flying Biscuit [ATL]

PhotoGrid_1378258302098Flying Biscuit is one of those restaurants people always recommend others to try. Although, I wasn’t completely taken a back by this restaurant, I’d have to recommend people try it.

On my visit to the Flying Biscuit, I ordered the Side of Love, which is two black bean cakes topped with tomatillo salsa, sour cream, feta cheese, and red onions, as my appetizer. For my main course, I ordered the pasta, sausage and eggs. It’s three large farm fresh eggs scrambled with chicken sausage, penne pasta, spinach, mushrooms & cheddar cheese served with creamy dreamy grits. I believe all dishes come with a biscuit and homemade cranberry apple butter. The black bean cake was pretty good; it was well-seasoned and the consistency was nice. Sometimes black bean cakes can be too soft or too hard; these were perfect. My pasta, sausage and eggs were decent. I’m use to food with a lot of flavor, and this particular dish was not very flavorful. However, the chicken sausage was fresh and tasty. I think had they seasoned the noodles separately that would’ve made a big difference. The creamy dreamy grits were delicious though! Since I’ve been in Georgia, I haven’t had a bad experience with grits. These are definitely some of the best grits I’ve had. The biscuit was good, and so was the cranberry apple butter. However, I’m not a big fan of fruit flavored butter, jams or jelly. I have one recommendation when it comes to the biscuits though; be sure to ask for one fresh out the oven. It makes all the difference.

The atmosphere is nice and cozy. It’s a cafe, so it’s very busy and upbeat. The service was good. I did have to ask for refills on my coffee, but other than that it was acceptable. My server answered all my questions and made recommendations. She was very helpful and personable. The Flying Biscuit is a nice place to meet with friends and/or family on a weekend morning/afternoon. In fact, I think they’re only open during the day. This is a restaurant worth trying, and that being said, here’s my T rating:


Visit to find a location near you.

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