Killed Over Loud Music: A Few Thoughts


Michael Dunn was found guilty for 4 out of the 5 charges he faced. He was found guilty for 3 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder, and one charge of firing into an occupied vehicle. The jury could not reach an agreement on the charge of 1st degree murder. Two lesser charges, 2nd degree murder and manslaughter, were options for the jury, but they couldn’t reach an agreement on that either.

I tried to think of different scenarios as to why they couldn’t reach an agreement, and none of them really made sense. While, I think the state was reaching with a 1st degree murder charge, I do think he should have been convicted of 2nd degree murder. That would make sense especially since he was found guilty on 3 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder. What makes Jordan Davis different from the other occupants in the car? I assume that since he was the only one arguing with Dunn that he somehow gave Dunn the right to kill him and not the others. I wonder had someone else in the car died, would Dunn have been found guilty of murdering him?

Something that I have not been able to get over is how people make young black boys out to be big scary black men who have been feared. This society in which we live is ripping the youth and innocence from these young black boys, and it’s not fair. This seems to be an underlying theme in cases where a non-black man has killed a young black boy, e.g. the Zimmerman trial and Emmett Till. This mindset  has plagued this country since Africans were brought here and sold into slavery. For what ever reason, black males seem to scare the shit out of people in this country. That’s why they chopped of their penises and beat them into submission during slavery. And that is why other races can kill black males in this day of age, and don’t have to face any repercussion because the law is on their side. I do understand that there is an immense amount of black on black crime, but how often do those crimes go unpunished when the defendant stands trial? I’d bet that a significantly high percentage of black men who kill black men who stand trial are convicted and sentenced accordingly. How else would black men make up the majority of prison/jail populations?

So the question that is on everyone’s mind is how do black males deal? How do black males cope in this society where they are constantly looked at as a threat? Sure they can try their best to not put themselves in situations where something bad might happen, e.g. listening to music loudly at a gas station or walking home from 7-11. Unfortunately, that’s not going to solve a thing because no one can control another’s perception.

I will say that the Stand Your Ground and Self-Defense laws really need to be revisited because this is ridiculous…

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  1. 1st, black on black crimes need to stop
    2nd, black ppl need to defeat stereotypes, meaning educate themselves, work for a living, and adjust their appearance just a lil (gotta start small lol)
    Then that will really give the world something to be afraid of.

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