Victoria Secret’s Beauty Products

20140217_234555-1For anyone who enjoys makeup, I’m sure you’ve come to the realization that there are products that you love, like and definitely don’t plan on buying ever again. The brand of beauty products that I don’t plan on buying again is Victoria Secrets with the exception of one product, the Pro Smooth FX LIP Scrub & Balm. I’ll begin with saying that I do like this product because it does a good job of exfoliating my lips. The lip moisturizer that I put on after is very soothing, and light. So, I guess that would be the only thing I’d purchase again from their line of beauty products. The other products that I’ve bought were a lipstick, lip primer, eyeshadow primer and the airbrush fx perfecting primer.

The lipstick is really a pretty color, but it doesn’t last at all. I’ve worn it with and without a primer, and I’d say it lasts for maybe a couple of hours. I found myself reapplying several times during a workday. No bueno! The lip primer was a mess! It made my lips white and it was really drying. I think I’ve only used it two times. I had to stop wearing it after it left a white chalky residue outside of where I applied my lipstick. It was gross! The eyeshadow primer is definitely one of the worst shadow primers I’ve ever used. It caused my shadows to crease really bad soon after I applied it, which made it a major waste of money. The perfecting primer is terrible, too. It doesn’t prime anything. In fact, it’s really oily and actually felt more like a moisturizer than anything. It didn’t help increase the longevity of my foundation at all. It just was not a good investment.

I haven’t really read many reviews on Victoria Secret’s makeup line. I probably should have done some research before I invested in these products. What bothers me the most about my purchases is that Victoria Secret’s sets their prices to compete with other higher end brands like MAC Cosmetics. Many of the products cost the same, and it’s obvious which one has the better quality. I think that Victoria Secret’s really need to revamp their makeup line and lower the prices. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the panties and bras, but the makeup needs some serious work! Has anyone else had this issue? What have your experiences been with Victoria Secret’s beauty products?

Here’s the Tyla Times rating:

T RatingThe one star is for the scrub.

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