Mom throws baby


By now, I’m sure that you’ve seen the video of a mother who tosses aside a new-born baby several times. She is also seen dangling the infant by his arm. It’s very obvious that this lady is suffering from some mental illness. But what about the person filming the video. He did absolutely nothing to help the infant early on. In fact, he mentioned several times that he has nothing to do with it. This video made me sick to my stomach!

1. Why did this mother have her children in the first place? The grandmother of the children stated in an interview that her daughter (mother in the video) was off her meds for the past 9 mos because she did not want to harm the baby. That’s understandable. So, my question is, what can be done in these types of situations? If being off medication can allow you to go from 0 to 100, shouldn’t there be something in place to protect her children until she can be put back on the meds? I don’t understand why mental illness is not taken more seriously. Someone should have stepped up and took care of those children until the mother was stable. Did her doctors recommend anything?

2. The loser filming the video is just as wrong. That was his son that he filmed being tossed around. He wanted to get proof, which he did, but that infant could have been seriously injured. He didn’t intervene until several minutes after filming started. When does getting proof of abuse become more important than ensuring that a child is safe? As a father, why didn’t he take the children out of that environment? Well, based on what he said during the video, I guess I can answer that question and several others. Had that baby died though, then what? And why did he put the video online? He could have filmed it and gave it to the police or DCF. Everyone is trying to become an internet sensation in some way. It’s truly sickening; I just wish people would think more logically.

If you haven’t viewed the video, here’s a link:


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  1. Not even gone watch the video. What you wrote in title and thumbnail is enough for me? But is that her and the baby in the picture at the top? Did this happen in Memphis? Whoever filmed it should be held accountable too especially if that was the father. You rather go viral than protect your baby’s life?

    • I was told by a few people that they couldn’t even watch the video. It’s definitely gut wrenching! I believe it happened in Memphis. I totally agree! The father filming should be held accountable, and I think he was arrested not to long after the video went viral. It’s really sad!

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