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Miley Cyrus Speaks Out

miley_cyrus_vma_2013_1It’s been about a week since Miley Cyrus surprised the world with her ‘special’ VMA performance. By now, we’ve all seen Miley twerk on stage in a too-small two piece get-up. She groped herself, shook her butt, grinded on Robin Thicke and kept her tongue out her mouth like a thirsty dog all in the name of making history, as she put it.

Miley Cyrus has finally spoken out about her VMA performance, and after listening to the interview, I think she’s right. She hasn’t done anything that someone else hasn’t done before her. Her performance with Robin Thicke accomplished everything it was set out to accomplish. It became the most tweeted about event since Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. People are paying attention to little Hannah Montana even more now than they did before. All in all, she’s making money!

While I thought her outfit was a bit grotesque, I don’t think her performance was anything outside of the ordinary, especially not for MTV. I think people still think of Hannah Montana when they see Miley Cyrus, but like most child stars, she’s straying away from that ‘Disney’ persona. I mean look at Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes. Once they’ve become of age, they all shed themselves of the kiddie image to take on the image they really want to convey. The world can’t continue to look at Miley Cyrus through their Hannah Montana glasses forever, and I think this performance proved that.

I’d also like to say that people shouldn’t get mad that Miley Cyrus ‘twerked’ on TV, when women/girls across the world upload twerk videos to YouTube on a regular basis. Most of these ‘angry’ people aren’t upset about all these young girls/women twerking on YouTube. In fact, a lot of the negative comments I’ve seen directed toward Miley were in regard to her butt or lack thereof. I know that a lot of these women/girls most likely upload these videos in hopes that it will make them famous, which is really sad and depressing. However, to each his or her own.

I also understand that folks are mad at Miley because she is supposed to be a role model for young girls. Let’s face it. Hannah Montana was a role model for young girls, Miley Cyrus is not. People change, and celebrities are not exempt.

Check out the interview below.

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