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Potluck/Bring a Dish Party Etiquette

As the summer draws to an end, I thought this would be the perfect time to share this information. Next summer, you will be fully prepared.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when attending a Potluck/Bring a Dish Party:

1. Do not show up empty-handed.

There are so many things that you can bring and it doesn’t have to be food. You can bring silverware, napkins, or cups. It’s not fair to indulge in the festivities when you didn’t contribute.  And whatever you decide to bring, please make sure it is an adequate amount.

2. Do not bring additional guests.

If you do not have permission from the host/hostess, do not bring additional guests. If you do happen to obtain permission to bring an extra body, make sure they do not come empty-handed. That is an additional mouth to feed; they should contribute as well.

3. Ask if your assistance is needed before the food is served.

The host/hostess was nice enough to open their home to you. The least you can do is offer a hand. They may need your help in setting the table or bringing out the food. Now, your gesture may be turned down, but it’s the action that counts.

4. Clean-up after yourself.

You do not have a maid. Well, you may, but I’m sure they’re not in attendance. With that said, clean-up after yourself. Throw away your plates and cup. Don’t allow the host/hostess to come behind you to clean-up something that you are perfectly capable of taking care of.

5. Ask if you can help clean-up.

This is very similar to number three, but your help may actually be needed. There’s nothing like cleaning up after a gathering by yourself. You could offer to take the trash out or wash dishes. The host/hostess may take you up on this offer, so be prepared.

6. Don’t forget to say, “Thank you.”

This is the most important gesture you can give the host/hostess. A simple “Thank you” can go a long way. It can really be disheartening to someone who was not shown gratitude for all their hard work and preparation. This may cause them to reconsider having potlucks/bring a dish parties at their home in the future.

If you have additional points about Potluck/Bring a Dish Party Etiquette, please feel free to share!


Carolina Joe’s Barbecue, Miami, FL

I am a very picky eater, but I love food and will try new things at least once. One of my favorite types of food is barbecue. I think my Dad is a grill master. So, when it comes to barbecue, I hate to be disappointed.

During my mini getaway to Miami, my friend, Aerial, brought me to Carolina Joe’s Barbecue after her step-dad recommended we go there. She was just as worried as I was in regard to me enjoying my meal. Well, I stepped to the counter and ordered the  BBQ Chicken Dinner that came with yellow or white rice and two sides. Without hesitation, I chose yellow rice, mac-n-cheese and baked beans. I also had a choice of BBQ sauce, a regular BBQ sauce or Carolina Joe’s Sweet Hot Sauce.

I ordered the quarter white BBQ chicken. The BBQ flavor was subtle, but after applying the Carolina Joe’s Sweet Hot Sauce, it became quite distinct. I would describe the Carolina Joe’s Sweet Hot Sauce as having a honey mustard-BBQ-hot sauce flavor. It was very good! The yellow rice was cooked to perfection. The baked beans were sweet and full of flavor. While, I’m used to my mother’s awesome mac-n-cheese, this dish definitely had flare. It was well-seasoned and had an ample amount of cheese.

In regard to the service I received, the young lady at the counter was helpful and gave her truthful opinion on menu items. As you can see in the picture, there is a counter where you place your order. Dining-in is an option, but do not expect a full-service restaurant. Your food is brought to the table and that is the extent of it.

For anyone traveling to Miami and in need of a restaurant recommendation, I would most certainly recommend Carolina Joe’s Barbecue.

Please visit their website for more information.

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