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1st Presidential Debate 2012 [My Review]

Disclaimer: This post is solely derived from my opinions on last night’s debate. I am not trying to persuade anyone to vote one way or the other. Nor do I want to have  a debate with people who fail to realize that these are my opinions, and what I believe to be true.

First and foremost, I thought the debate was  just “okay”. It wasn’t what I expected, but nonetheless, I did see and hear something interesting things. I would like to start with my impression of each candidate and his delivery.

Mitt Romney: I thought Gov. Romney was prepared to debate. He came loaded with statistics. He was extremely aggressive; he spoke over everyone. More often did he look at the moderator and President Obama, and not the camera or the audience. Although he had a smug look throughout the debate, he did appear to be excited to be there.

Barack Obama: I believe President Obama was prepared to debate. He stumbled a few times, but he’s admitted before that he is not the best public speaker. Pres. Obama was very reserved in his delivery, and dealt with his interruptions with poise. When speaking, he either looked at the moderator, the audience, Gov. Romney or the camera. The President looked tense, and at times disturbed.

Here’s what I thought about the debate:

In General: I thought the use of studies and statistics was an excellent idea. Numbers will stick in people’s minds, e.g. 5 trillion and 47 million. However, for those who are keen on research and statistics, we have to ask ourselves where these stats came from and how they were compiled. It’s obvious that both President Obama and Gov. Romney will cite stats that back up their points, but what makes one study better than the other? Now, I have to say that I don’t think the moderator did a good job moderating. I don’t think he allowed a balance between to the candidates in regards to speaking. I felt as though, he allowed Gov. Romney to speak more. I’m quite interested in finding out how long Gov. Romney spoke in comparison to President Obama. What is the purpose of a moderator if he isn’t going to uphold the rules of the debate, and allow the candidates to have an equal amount of speaking time?

Mitt Romney: I thought he included a lot of statistics in his arguments, which will be helpful to him. I don’t believe that he truly answered a lot of the questions asked of him, which he diverted by making numbered points, all of which didn’t answer the posed question. For instance, he was asked what kind of health care reform he planned and there wasn’t a clear answer. The only thing that I got from that was that he was going to do a lot of the same things the controversial Obama care has imposed, e.g. allowing kids to stay on their parent’s insurance, and not denying people with pre-existing conditions. It has also become evident to me that Gov. Romney changed his platform, and just in time for the debate. He is now focusing on the middle-class, but prior to the debate his main focus was the upper-class. While he was more assertive, Gov. Romney lacked specifics. He wasn’t detailed, and I am still clueless on what his actual plan is to put the USA back on track. I think his main focus during the debate was to state everything Obama was doing wrong, rather than focus on what he was planning to do to make things better. There has been a phrase going around concerning the debate, which I think is accurate; Romney addressed Obama.

My opinion of Mitt Romney: He is out of touch with the average American. Here are a few reasons why I believe this. He stated he would cut funding to PBS. PBS has not only provided children over the years with an excellent learning tool through Sesame Street, but it’s also provided the country with other educational programming that have been an influential factor for many generations. Romney has also said that children should ask their parents to pay for them to attend college.  The majority of America do not have that luxury, including me. If my parents had to pay for all of their children to attend college, it wouldn’t be likely that they would have three graduates, and one attending college. Gov. Romney doesn’t know the struggles of middle-class or lower-class America because he has never had to experience them. He will fight for the upper-class because that is what he has been accustomed to, and that makes sense. He doesn’t believe that the taxes should be raised for the upper-class, but I also did not hear whether or not he’d be offering them tax-breaks.

Barack Obama: Obama did not focus on attacking Romney nor did he submit to all the jabs thrown at him, which would have put him on the defense. Pres. Obama remained on the offense, and reiterated his goals for America. He touched on how he wanted to hire 100,000 more teachers, which is something this country needs. I can appreciate that the President wants to strengthen our educational system with more focus on math and science. He also discussed how “Obama care” has helped Americans across the country. Social Security was specifically mentioned, as he reflected on the struggles his grandmother had to endure when trying to get aid. He insisted that Obama care will not hurt social security recipients, but instead it would make things more affordable, like prescriptions.  Pres. Obama also mentioned how his administration ended the war in Iraq, are working to end the war in Afghanistan, and the capture of Bin Laden. His focus remained on middle-class America, and improving their way of life.  

My opinion of Barack Obama: I think that Pres. Obama has taken a lot of heat and I don’t think it’s because people think he’s failing the country, but rather because of who he is. In my opinion, he’s handle all the negativity with such stride, poise and dignity. It’s easier for him to relate to a lot of Americans because of how he was brought up, in a single-parent home and not of riches and wealth. He can’t make everyone happy, but I think he is willing to compromise, and do what’s right for the country.

Reflection: Romney’s use of statistics was a good idea because a lot of people are easily persuaded by numbers, and don’t understand the actual research that goes into obtaining those numbers. I hope more people will take the time to research both candidates’ claims, and come to their own conclusions. I do believe this will be extremely difficult though because there is an immense amount of bias in the media, and research. With that said, I think you have to find a candidate that can relate more to your life and values.

I have to add this. What bothers me is that neither the Republicans nor their presidential candidate will admit to the destruction that former President Bush caused this country preceding President Obama taking office. George Bush put this country in a hole over the course of eight years, and it is expected to be fixed in four? As President Obama has said numerous times, not even eight years will fix the problems that Bush created.

The winner in my opinion: I don’t think there was a clearcut winner in this debate because what one candidate lacked the other made up for. Gov. Romney was assertive and aggressive. President Obama was not. Barack Obama detailed his plans of action, Mitt Romney did not. Each candidate had a completely different approach to this debate, and I look forward to the next.

Judge a Book by its Cover?

If we are friends on any social media website then you would know that I just came back from a trip to Miami. I had a wonderful time and have a lot of material to blog about, which brings me to my first post…

During my 3-day trip to Miami, I visited South Beach on Saturday evening and Monday afternoon. For anyone who has not been to Miami, let me be the first to tell you how beautiful it is near the water.

It was near the beach on Saturday night that I saw a lot of disturbing things.  I saw some of the most outlandish outfits I’ve ever seen in my life. Granted we were near the beach, it was after 10pm and women still had on bathing suits and bikinis. Most with no coverup. Aside from the beach wear (at night), I saw butt cheeks hanging out of shorts and breasts bulging from every angle. Then I saw several women being fondled by men and some didn’t even attempt to pull away. Immediately I thought about the discussion about women having the right to wear whatever they want without being disrespected.

Unfortunately, this is not our reality. I do believe women have the right to wear anything they want, but it will come with some consequences whether we like it or not. Why do some women choose to dress so inappropriately? Are they looking for attention? And when I say inappropriately dressed, I mean if your picture was placed side by side with the local prostitute there wouldn’t be any distinction of which woman was a street-walker. Now, I understand that women, including myself, like to look and feel sexy, but there are so many ways to do that without dressing inappropriately. Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T THINK ANYONE SHOULD BE DISRESPECTED BY ANY MEANS.  However, I do think women should be aware that unfortunately in today’s society SOME men relate inappropriate dress with disrespectful behavior. I think as women we have to put  more consideration and thought into how we want to be perceived because whether we know it or not, we are always being watched.

Here’s another way of thinking about it: If you see a dirty man with holes in every piece of clothing he’s wearing and raggedy shoes, you’d probably assume he was living on the street, right? Or if a woman came to your job with a navy blue pin-striped business suit and her hair pulled back, you would assume she was some type of professional, correct? Now, if you saw a young lady walking down Park Avenue with a fish net skirt showing her thong and a plunging neckline showcasing her leopard print bra, what would you think? Many people (women included) would think something disrespectful and not act on it, but unfortunately everyone doesn’t practice self-control.

Yes, women are disrespected even if they’re not proactively dressed. However, the way we dress is something we can control. It’s not like your nationality or the color of your eyes. I’m basically trying to say that it’s not fair to be disrespected for your choice of clothing, but be mindful that the way you dress opens doors to interpretation, negative or positive. We are more than what we wear, but the way we dress speaks volumes. It is up to us to decide what is said.

Take pride in all that you do.

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