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The Hair Debate: Sick & Tired Pt. 1

Willow Smith’s Summer Fling

Willow smithI am in no way a fan of Willow Smith or the other Smith kid for that matter. I think they’re very weird. I’m sure this will come as a surprise because I’m getting ready to defend Willow Smith. I don’t understand the big hoopla surrounding Willow choosing to sing a song about a summer fling at the ripe age of 12. I listened to the song, read the lyrics, and watched the video. I don’t have an issue with the content of the song, especially considering that I am a big fan of  Michael Jackson’s rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You.” He sang the hell out of that song! The only issue I had surrounding the Willow Summer Fling song was the video. The actors in the video were in my opinion, significantly older. In that sense, I think the concept of a summer fling may have appeared more adult-like even though the actions of everyone in the video were very juvenile.

I think adults that have an issue with the song are thinking more deeply into what they believe to be inappropriate for a child to sing. A fling doesn’t have to result in a sexual encounter in order for it to be considered a fling. A fling can simply be a brief romantic relationship. Girls at the age of 12, I’m sure have already started forming crushes on boys they see on television, in class or at summer camp. Acting on those feelings, could be as innocent as holding hands, pecks on the cheeks and/or hanging out. Any of those things could be considered romantic.

I don’t think Willow was thinking about a summer fling in the context of a brief sexual encounter like what Danny Zuko told his friends had occurred between he and Sandy in the movie, Grease. I think her idea of a summer fling would be more of what actually happened according to Sandy Olsen in that same movie. Yes, I know that Sandy and Danny were in high school, but puppy love and crushes happen, in some cases, way before then. Plus, I’m sure Will and Jada wouldn’t condone her singing about sex at the age of 12.

Now, I’m not going to pretend as if I don’t understand where people are coming from because I do. However, like many other forms of art, things aren’t always what they seem. I’ll leave it to you to form your own opinion though.

If for some strange reason you’ve never heard Michael Jackson’s cover of “Who’s Lovin’ you,” here you go:

Love & Hip Hop ATL [Update Numero Tres ]

The last three episodes were of course filled with a ton of drama and craziness. I decided the easiest way to share my opinions would be  to do a breakdown by relationships.

Karlie & Benzino: I don’t understand their relationship at all. I’d like to know how much time lapses between episodes. Because their relationship is going quite quickly! A key to the house? Really?! And now he’s planning to propose? Whatever happen to a courtship? Dating? Waiting? Honestly, I don’t see their relationship lasting very long. However, I will agree with Benzino and how he feels about Karlie Redd always bringing up her career. I would get upset about that too, especially if it seems like that’s all we talk about it. I am interested in knowing where exactly her “career” is as well.

Stevie J., Joseline & Mimi: This love triangle is just stupid, and everyone involved is stupid. Joseline isn’t going to move on, which is known because of her conversation with Karlie Redd. Mimi is so stuck on being a family that she is willing to sacrifice what’s best for her. I understand that women in particular, would like to have their family in tact. However, if keeping the family together is unhealthy for those involved, it would be better to let it go and move on. A child can still grow up to be a productive adult even if his or her parents aren’t together. It happens everyday. I must say that I think it was very touching that Mimi shared her dedication to her mother with the world though. Stevie J is a hazard to himself and everyone he deals with. He has some serious issues, and needs to be left alone. I am glad that he got roughed up by Joseline, although it was for nothing because she’s going to return to him. I don’t buy into that whole “I don’t have a mother. So, I’m going to treat women bad” bid either. Stevie J is a womanizing liar and is just trying come up with a reason to excuse his behavior.

The Therapist: Who is this guy?! Was he recommended? Seriously, where did he come from? After watching Stevie J and Mimi in their session, I had to really wonder if that is how therapy goes. 

Karlie Redd & Joseline: This friendship came out of nowhere, at least to me. They had so much drama between them, and now they’re going rock climbing together. To each his or her own, I guess. I just think that of all the meetups between people beefing, it’s ironic that this was the only one that was successful. Well, maybe it’s because they’re the outcasts of the group. Who knows?

Erica, Scrappy & Shay: Scrappy has no idea what he wants in life. Erica is well in her right to be skeptical of their relationship or lack thereof. Scrappy needs to be by himself for a while, so that he can figure things out. However, I don’t think that is going to happen, especially since Erica said that he can’t be by himself. I like Erica a lot. I think she is genuine, but has her weaknesses. When she cried and asked Scrappy how he would feel if a guy treated their daughter the same way he treats her, that broke my heart. That question should have really struck a nerve with Scrappy; I’m not sure that it did. Shay is so naive. She seems to be completely oblivious to the relationship Scrappy has with Erica. I’m not sure if she chooses to be that way, or if she just can’t put two and two together.

Mama D: I am quite happy that Scrappy corrected her about referring to the mother of her grandchild as a bitch. I think she was totally out of line. I can definitely appreciate him for speaking up. She obviously has issues though. I mean she misspelled bitch and I’m not sure if they edited out her correcting herself, but it didn’t appear that she realized her error.

K. Michelle: I think she has some serious issues. However, I do believe that she was abused by Memphitz. I absolutely do not condone violence against anyone, but I think she was having a crazy K. Michelle episode and pushed all of his buttons. Although it can happen, I don’t think he just all of a sudden start beating her. I wish we could get the entire story, but that will never happen. At the end of the day, I sympathize with her because she is a survivor. Whether or not she said something or did something to provoke him, he should have had enough self-control to walk away from the situation.

Rasheeda & Kirk: I love these two. While the content of their trials and tribulations may not be common, the way they handle them as  married couple deserves kudos. No one is perfect, but they always seem to come to a common ground when it comes to their relationship. It surprised me that Rasheeda decided to keep Kirk as her manager. I thought that was very admirable of her. Her ability to switch between the many roles she plays is awesome and worth taking note of. Even though Rasheeda is one of my two favorite characters, I’m a little uneasy on the way she handled the meeting with K. Michelle. I believe she should have asked K. Michelle her side of the story and then explained to K. Michelle her relationship with Toya & Memphitz.

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