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There are some days that I just don’t feel like getting all fancy, so I don’t. However, I don’t dress down, I just accessorize things that I feel more comfortable rather than flashy in. This is what I did here. A jean jacket can spruce up an otherwise dull outfit. Since I’m not wearing a flashy outfit, I wanted my accessories to be in the spotlight. I wore a multi-green statement necklace, an olive-green ring, gold-colored earrings, and I rocked sandals that are the same color as a set of beads in my necklace. There will be days that you don’t feel like doing too much as far as your wardrobe. On those days, try to spruce up your outfit with loud speaking jewelry. It can make all the difference.

Jean Jacket: Thrifted

Dress: Ross

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Earrings: International Flea Market

Ring: Forever 21

Sandals: Target


I love how this outfit came together! I’ve been dying to wear this dress, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to take it on. So, I just went with it. I actually forgot I had these heels, but found them when trying on other camel colored heels. I chose these because I thought it complimented the colors and vertical stripes in the dress. I didn’t plan on doing my hair like this, but it worked well with my outfit. So, I was definitely happy about that. The earrings remind me of something I’d see from an earlier era, which is why I decided to wear them. I was trying to do an older-style look, and I think I captured it without looking to outdated.

Dress: Thrifted

Earrings: Elegant Beauty Supply Store

Purse: JC Penny’s

Heels: Shoe Land

White After Labor Day?

It never fails. Every year the discussion about wearing white after Labor Day comes up.

White is considered a “summer” color and since Labor Day marks the official end of the summer season, wearing white after that day is frowned upon by some. In my opinion, I think this rule is outdated. I’ve lived in Florida all my life, and sometimes we experience summer-like weather year-round. We don’t really get to experience seasons like other parts of the country. With that said, I think wearing white after Labor Day is fine, as long as it’s done in moderation. I wouldn’t recommend wearing all-white or throwing an all-white party, but I think when paired with a fall color or any color that doesn’t look summery, it is acceptable.

After visiting different fashion-related websites and blogs, I’ve noticed that a lot of people share the same sentiments. I think the No White After Labor Day Rule was or is something held on to by the older generations. I can’t lie though, the thought of committing a fashion crime definitely resonates when choosing to wear white after Labor Day.  However, the times have changed, and so have the rules that limit people from expressing themselves fashionably. Now, if you are hesitant about wearing white after Labor Day, try wearing colors that resemble the color, like pearl, off-white, or ivory. Wearing colors that resemble white may alleviate the uncertainty you have about committing a fashion crime.

I’ve expressed my opinion on this old rule, but I’d like to know what you think. Is wearing white after Labor Day a no-no?

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