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Here’s my Fit of the Week. In this outfit, accessories are what matter. The tights and scarf make this outfit, which shows the true power of an accessory. Enjoy!


Blazer: Thrifted

Dress: New York and Company

Tights: Target

Wedge Booties: University Mall

Scarf: Charlotte Russe

What Kind Of Woman Are You?

This topic stems from a brief conversation I had on Facebook with one of my service org sisters. I recently changed up my hair style to an Indian Wet & Wavy Jerry Curl sew-in. She asked me what type of hair it was, and I told her. I even told her where she can purchase the hair. Her next comment is what inspired me to write this post (along with her suggesting it as a topic). She said that it was nice of me to share that information with her because so many women choose not to disclose information about their purchases or where they receive services.

I have no definite answer as to why some women choose to do that. It seems like it may stem from some insecurity they may harbor. I share the information about my purchases because I could careless if you go out and purchase the same thing(s) as me. I actually find it to be quite flattering. Not to mention, when I disclose where I received a service or where I purchased an item, I am helping someone’s business grow.  That can be gratifying, especially if it’s a small or local business. I also keep in mind that if someone chooses to buy the same weave or blouse as me for instance, we are not going to look the same nor are we going to wear it the same. Going even further, we probably won’t wear it at the same time either.

The reason I say that when women act like they can’t disclose the information asked of them is due to some insecurity is because what other real reason could there be? What actual harm will it do to tell someone where you bought your shoes? You found them, what makes you think someone else won’t? It’s really not that serious. I find it to be quite annoying, and I know others do too. And what makes for a better situation is when these women ask for the scoop on where you bought something. Seriously?!

I know this should go without saying, but women have to do a better job of helping and being more positive towards other women. We have a ton of chips stacked against as it is.

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