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Willow Smith’s Summer Fling

Willow smithI am in no way a fan of Willow Smith or the other Smith kid for that matter. I think they’re very weird. I’m sure this will come as a surprise because I’m getting ready to defend Willow Smith. I don’t understand the big hoopla surrounding Willow choosing to sing a song about a summer fling at the ripe age of 12. I listened to the song, read the lyrics, and watched the video. I don’t have an issue with the content of the song, especially considering that I am a big fan of  Michael Jackson’s rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You.” He sang the hell out of that song! The only issue I had surrounding the Willow Summer Fling song was the video. The actors in the video were in my opinion, significantly older. In that sense, I think the concept of a summer fling may have appeared more adult-like even though the actions of everyone in the video were very juvenile.

I think adults that have an issue with the song are thinking more deeply into what they believe to be inappropriate for a child to sing. A fling doesn’t have to result in a sexual encounter in order for it to be considered a fling. A fling can simply be a brief romantic relationship. Girls at the age of 12, I’m sure have already started forming crushes on boys they see on television, in class or at summer camp. Acting on those feelings, could be as innocent as holding hands, pecks on the cheeks and/or hanging out. Any of those things could be considered romantic.

I don’t think Willow was thinking about a summer fling in the context of a brief sexual encounter like what Danny Zuko told his friends had occurred between he and Sandy in the movie, Grease. I think her idea of a summer fling would be more of what actually happened according to Sandy Olsen in that same movie. Yes, I know that Sandy and Danny were in high school, but puppy love and crushes happen, in some cases, way before then. Plus, I’m sure Will and Jada wouldn’t condone her singing about sex at the age of 12.

Now, I’m not going to pretend as if I don’t understand where people are coming from because I do. However, like many other forms of art, things aren’t always what they seem. I’ll leave it to you to form your own opinion though.

If for some strange reason you’ve never heard Michael Jackson’s cover of “Who’s Lovin’ you,” here you go:

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Girl Fight: Keyshia Cole vs. Beyonce

keyshia-beyonceBey. King Bey. Beyonce. Mrs. Carter. Whatever you want to call her, just released a promo song for her upcoming album called, Bow Down/I Been On. There’s been a lot of hooplah surrounding Beyonce’s latest project. Needless to say, I had to listen to the track myself and form my own opinion.

I don’t like the song. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan; I do like some of her previous work, and I have no problem admitting that. Her latest song, Bow Down, is definitely something that I am not a fan of. It’s a known fact that Beyonce is dominating the female R&B world. So, was it necessary for her to come out with a track like this? Furthermore, what was up with repeating “Bitch” through the entire song? I don’t like when men call women bitches, and I most certainly don’t like it women do it either. Now, I know that she’s been receiving a lot of flack lately, but I don’t think this cocky ratchet song was a great way to go about handling the situation.

The thing about Beyonce that I did admire in the past is that she really didn’t give into the negativity and criticism thrown at her. I’m not sure where the change of heart came from, and I wonder if this is what we should expect from her moving forward. Now, there are a lot of people supporting Beyonce and the direction she went with the song. However, there are a lot people who, like me, don’t care for it. Keyshia Cole being one of them.

Soon after the track was dropped, Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to declare her opinion of Beyonce and her new song, Bow Down.Screenshot_2013-03-19-16-21-49-1

Of course you can’t compare the careers of the two ladies. Obviously Beyonce is more successful. So, was Keyshia hating? No, I don’t think so. I think the point she was trying to make is clear, but the delivery definitely lacked. There are double standards when it comes to musicians, and the projects they put out. I believe that was the point Keyshia was trying to make, but she didn’t do a good job making it. Her response, I believe, made her look bitter. And it didn’t help that she just lashed out against Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. After the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl performance, Cole tweeted about how Michelle Williams is always messing up the flow. I can’t say that I disagree with her thoughts on Michelle, who has always seemed like the third leg, but the delivery of the message was an epic fail.

I think Keyshia Cole (and probably other female artists) was offended by the song, and thought that Beyonce was using the song to undercut her competition. It does appear that way, but I don’t think Keyshia should have went off like that. Who knows though? Maybe this ‘new’ Beyonce has been there all along and is now ready to come out to the world. Either way, I’m not choosing sides in this matter. I just think it’s quite petty, especially since both women are making money in their respective careers and appear to be happy with their new families.

Have you heard Beyonce’s new track? If not, below is a link to the track. Take a listen and share your thoughts on Bow Down/I Been On and the beef between Beyonce and Keyshia Cole.


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