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The Hair Debate: Sick & Tired Pt. 1



Here’s the Fit of the Week! Pairing leggings with dresses really make for an awesome outfit. I wasn’t feeling very bright. So, I just wore dark colors. Not to mention it was raining, which made it one of those days. I was going to wear a pair of Ugg-style boots, but decided to go with the combat boots. I think the boots added a bit of flair to the outfit. I like combing different styles to complete an outfit. Although I didn’t want to wear any bright colors, I added color through my makeup. I think this is another way to add color to a dark/dull colored outfit.



Cardigan: Dillards

Leopard Dress: Target

Leggings: Target

Combat Boots: Traffic

Skinny Belt: Unsure

Lay it Down: Shine ‘n Jam Extra Hold Conditioning Gel

Ladies, I have a hair product that I would like to share with you. Shine ‘n Jam Extra Hold Conditioning Gel by ampro PROSTYL  is the bomb! After my friend Aerial recommended I try it, I don’t have any regrets. This gel is definitely for people with hard to maintain hair. It’s not shown in this picture, but the container specifies the gel’s use for natural hair.

I haven’t had a perm in almost a year and my hair most certainly shows it. I’m in the process of growing it out before I commit to the “big chop”. So, until I do that I was searching for something that would keep all of my new growth in place. Shine ‘n Jam Extra Hold Conditioning  Gel did just that. I can apply a generous amount (it’s needed) to my hair in the morning and it lasts the entire day. As a conditioning gel, it leaves my hair soft and doesn’t harden it at all. It doesn’t leave my hair flaky either. I can definitely appreciate that aspect of it. Like any gel though, there may be residue left behind after day-to-day use, but washing your hair should  alleviate that problem.

I recommend this product, especially for women who need something that will really keep their hair in place and for a long period of time. I’m not aware of which stores it’s distributed to, but I purchased my Shine ‘n Jam from Wal-Mart.

Here’s a product review I found on YouTube.

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