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Week 9: Insanity and Weight Watchers


I know everyone was expecting my final update on Insanity and Weight Watchers to be published today. However, a lot has happened over the past two weeks. I have not completed the Insanity program just yet. I’ve decided to redo weeks 8 and 9, and add an additional week. I will update accordingly. I apologize to those who were waiting and expecting a final update. It’s coming, it will just be delayed.

Due to the things taking place the past couple of weeks, I didn’t eat well either. At weigh in this morning, I found that I gained 5 pounds. Of course this is a setback, but I’ve come to realize that everything is not going to always be organized and done the way we want them. Life throws curve balls, and we have to learn how knock it out the park even if we strike out a few times.

With that said, stay tuned for my upcoming Insanity & Weight Watchers updates. If you’ve experienced a curve ball, I encourage you to get back up to the plate and try again! Keep moving forward.

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