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Hey Tyla Times Fans! Here is the Fit of the Week.

I wore this outfit while in Atlanta for an early birthday celebration. I chose to accent with pink because of an outfit worn by Rasheeda on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I like this outfit because it’s an old-school look, with a modern twist. I was completely comfortable, something that seems to be given up when dressing up for a night on the town (A bigger picture can be seen at 

Pink Blazer: Thrifted

Black Racer Back Crop Top: H&M

Pants: Thrifted

Steve Madden Pink Wedges: TJ Maxx

Black Clutch: Thrifted

Necklace: Sears

Bracelet: Flea Market

Love & Hip Hop ATL [Update Numero Tres ]

The last three episodes were of course filled with a ton of drama and craziness. I decided the easiest way to share my opinions would be  to do a breakdown by relationships.

Karlie & Benzino: I don’t understand their relationship at all. I’d like to know how much time lapses between episodes. Because their relationship is going quite quickly! A key to the house? Really?! And now he’s planning to propose? Whatever happen to a courtship? Dating? Waiting? Honestly, I don’t see their relationship lasting very long. However, I will agree with Benzino and how he feels about Karlie Redd always bringing up her career. I would get upset about that too, especially if it seems like that’s all we talk about it. I am interested in knowing where exactly her “career” is as well.

Stevie J., Joseline & Mimi: This love triangle is just stupid, and everyone involved is stupid. Joseline isn’t going to move on, which is known because of her conversation with Karlie Redd. Mimi is so stuck on being a family that she is willing to sacrifice what’s best for her. I understand that women in particular, would like to have their family in tact. However, if keeping the family together is unhealthy for those involved, it would be better to let it go and move on. A child can still grow up to be a productive adult even if his or her parents aren’t together. It happens everyday. I must say that I think it was very touching that Mimi shared her dedication to her mother with the world though. Stevie J is a hazard to himself and everyone he deals with. He has some serious issues, and needs to be left alone. I am glad that he got roughed up by Joseline, although it was for nothing because she’s going to return to him. I don’t buy into that whole “I don’t have a mother. So, I’m going to treat women bad” bid either. Stevie J is a womanizing liar and is just trying come up with a reason to excuse his behavior.

The Therapist: Who is this guy?! Was he recommended? Seriously, where did he come from? After watching Stevie J and Mimi in their session, I had to really wonder if that is how therapy goes. 

Karlie Redd & Joseline: This friendship came out of nowhere, at least to me. They had so much drama between them, and now they’re going rock climbing together. To each his or her own, I guess. I just think that of all the meetups between people beefing, it’s ironic that this was the only one that was successful. Well, maybe it’s because they’re the outcasts of the group. Who knows?

Erica, Scrappy & Shay: Scrappy has no idea what he wants in life. Erica is well in her right to be skeptical of their relationship or lack thereof. Scrappy needs to be by himself for a while, so that he can figure things out. However, I don’t think that is going to happen, especially since Erica said that he can’t be by himself. I like Erica a lot. I think she is genuine, but has her weaknesses. When she cried and asked Scrappy how he would feel if a guy treated their daughter the same way he treats her, that broke my heart. That question should have really struck a nerve with Scrappy; I’m not sure that it did. Shay is so naive. She seems to be completely oblivious to the relationship Scrappy has with Erica. I’m not sure if she chooses to be that way, or if she just can’t put two and two together.

Mama D: I am quite happy that Scrappy corrected her about referring to the mother of her grandchild as a bitch. I think she was totally out of line. I can definitely appreciate him for speaking up. She obviously has issues though. I mean she misspelled bitch and I’m not sure if they edited out her correcting herself, but it didn’t appear that she realized her error.

K. Michelle: I think she has some serious issues. However, I do believe that she was abused by Memphitz. I absolutely do not condone violence against anyone, but I think she was having a crazy K. Michelle episode and pushed all of his buttons. Although it can happen, I don’t think he just all of a sudden start beating her. I wish we could get the entire story, but that will never happen. At the end of the day, I sympathize with her because she is a survivor. Whether or not she said something or did something to provoke him, he should have had enough self-control to walk away from the situation.

Rasheeda & Kirk: I love these two. While the content of their trials and tribulations may not be common, the way they handle them as  married couple deserves kudos. No one is perfect, but they always seem to come to a common ground when it comes to their relationship. It surprised me that Rasheeda decided to keep Kirk as her manager. I thought that was very admirable of her. Her ability to switch between the many roles she plays is awesome and worth taking note of. Even though Rasheeda is one of my two favorite characters, I’m a little uneasy on the way she handled the meeting with K. Michelle. I believe she should have asked K. Michelle her side of the story and then explained to K. Michelle her relationship with Toya & Memphitz.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Update #2)

Three episodes after from my first review, here’s my latest spiel on LHHATL.

My two favorite characters are Rasheeda and Erica. I believe they are the most genuine out of the entire Love & Hip Hop-ATL cast.

At first, I didn’t really like Rasheeda because she was just  a bit too hood for me. However, in the last three episodes, we all saw a much softer side of the “Boss Chick”. I actually admire her for the many roles she plays. She’s a wife, mother and a career woman who takes each role seriously. Personally,  I think she made the right decision by going to visit another agent. If she’s not where she wants to be in her career, maybe starting anew is her best bet!

Erica is a tough woman. Although she would like for her relationship to work with Scrappy, it appears that she is aware and willing to accept that it may not. That says a lot about her character. She knows what’s best for her and I believe she’ll stay true to that.

In watching the last three episodes, I’ve realized that K. Michelle is crazy. She has a beautiful voice, but she is a loose cannon. I don’t think she handled either meeting with Karlie Redd like an adult. It seems to me that the rumors about her being crazy have some substance to them. Sheesh!

The Mimi-Stevie J-Joseline love triangle is just a big mess. Everyone in the situation is lacking something mentally. What I mean by that, is that something negative is deeply rooted in each person, which is allowing them to behave they way they are. Stevie J is so far from being a real man, it’s disgusting. Joseline is the sideline and she’s okay with that. Mimi has put up with Stevie J’s nonsense and doesn’t seem to really realize how ridiculous she is for continuing to participate in  the charades. Everyone in this situation needs to self-reflect, find out the issue within themselves and commit to making better decisions. I wish that Joseline was done with the situation, but obviously she’s not considering she and Stevie J are now engaged (Reported my However, I do commend her for stepping up and setting up a meeting with Mimi.

Lil Scrappy really needs to get his mind together. He needs to self-reflect and find out what it is he truly wants in life. And his mother is just doing thee most. It actually bothered me that she called Erica, the mother of her grandchild, a bitch in front of Scrappy’s new fling, Shay. I don’t think that was called for. Mama D needs to find something to do with her time, so she won’t feel compelled to stay so involved in Scrappy’s life. I must admit though that I laughed out loud when Shay asked why Erica was over Scrappy’s house that early anyway. Let’s be real Shay, you know why!

Okay, was I the only one completely creeped out by Benzino and Karlie Redd? Their relationship seems to be moving at a very fast pace, but to each his or her own. I guess… It does appear that Benzino is genuine about his feelings for Karlie and vice versa, so I’m interested in seeing how their relationship develops.

Now, a repeated theme that I’ve heard over the course of the show is that some of the characters want to stay together for the sake of their child ( Lil Scrappy & Erica and Stevie J & Mimi). I think that is a great attitude to have, but that can’t be the only reason you want to make a relationship work. In situations where two people are only together for the sake of the child(ren) can cause more harm to the child(ren) than if the parents were separated. I think people should be in relationship because they want to be and believe it’s best for them, which in turn will result in being better for the child(ren).

What are your thoughts?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

In the hours leading up to the fourth episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LAHHA), I thought this would be a great time to write a review on the show thus far. So, I’ve watched all three episodes of Love & Hip Hip Atlanta the day after each original airing.

My first impression of LAHHA was not a very good one. This “reality” show seems 95% scripted. The characters speak to each other as if what they have to say is memorized from a script. It doesn’t seem natural nor do I get the sense that there is a lot of emotion behind their communication. Furthermore, some of the camera shots add to my belief in the lack of reality on LAHHA. For a reality show, it doesn’t feel very real.

Some of my peers think it’s fake because they don’t believe the characters’ reactions are genuine, i.e. Mimi’s reaction to Joseline and Stevie J’s relationship. Unfortunately, in the real world, women do react to their men cheating just as Mimi did. Some women are content and satisfied with being the “main”. I don’t understand that logic and that’s definitely a topic for another day.

Now, I do believe to each his or her own, but my concern with the whole Joseline and Stevie J scandal is that no one seems to care that Stevie J had sex with Joseline without protection and continued to return to be with Mimi. If I was Mimi the first thing I would be thinking after finding out that he had sex without a jimmy and may have impregnated Joseline, is that I need to get tested ASAP. Forget the fact that Stevie J is cheating with his artist; he put himself  and more concerning Mimi at risk.

I want to add a disclaimer. I’m not associating being a stripper with being promiscuous, I’m associating having sex outside of a “monogamous” relationship with health concerns.

If Mimi decides to stay with Stevie J that should speak volumes on how Mimi values herself.  Both Joseline and Stevie J’s actions speak quite loudly on the type of people they are. They’re selfish and are only concerned with benefiting themselves.

I know I spent a lot of time on Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi, but let’s face it, their story sticks out the most. So, for the other characters, I’ll just give a brief opinion.

I’m really interested to see how the show develops Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship. They seem to be opposite of each other. So, far I haven’t been able to see their connection, but I’m sure that will be cleared up eventually.

What can I say about Erica, Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee? Their characters are the most believable to me. However, the scene with Erica giving Scrappy a massage in lingerie seemed a bit forced. I don’t have high hopes for their relationship to be a success. Scrappy seemed hesitant when Erica questioned him about their future.  Also, the fact that I saw him in concert a couple of months ago with Buckeey on stage (Flavor of Love Contestant) doesn’t lead me to believe that he and Erica’s relationship will last. I was only reassured when I saw Buckeey in an upcoming episode. Interesting, right? Now, Momma Dee is an interesting woman. She’s spaced out, but her motherly character is duly noted.

I haven’t seen enough of K. Michelle, Ariane or Karlie Redd to give a detailed opinion. However, I can say that K. Michelle has a beautiful voice, and hopefully she can move past the stigma associated with her name. Karlie Redd seems conniving. She’s always on the bad side of drama. Ariane appears to have the most level head out of all the cast. She also seems to be a good judge of character.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is not a show about good values or meaningful content. It’s strictly about drama and entertainment, two key pieces that keep an audience attracted. I just hope that those who watch the show know and understand that the behavior of the cast members is a depiction of themselves and not an entire culture.

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