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2013 Presidential Inauguration

inaugI, like many Americans turned into the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. I must say that I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It was truly a historical day within this historical year. This year marks both the 150th  anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation of Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther’s King Jr.’s “I have a dream…” speech.

The President and the first family looked quite dapper  I absolutely loved Michelle’s new hairstyle, and I thought her dress fully embodied who she believes herself to be. President Barack Obama had a beautiful glow to go along with his well-fitted suit. Vice President Joe Biden also looked to be glowing, and extremely happy to be there. His wife also looked wonderful.

As the cameras scanned the crowd, I couldn’t help to feel joyed by what I witnessed. There were so many different types of people. One thing that I do believe is that the President is able to reach people from different backgrounds on a much broader level. Something that I don’t think Gov. Romney could have ever done. That is the kind of president the United States needs to have continuously, and I think this in part is why President Obama was elected in 2008, and again in 2012.

The Inauguration program was wonderful. The invocation was excellent, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was amazing! I was pleased when Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander referenced Alex Haley, the author of Roots, by quoting  the six words Haley lived by, “Find the Good and Praise It.” The President’s speech was great. I liked how he referenced our (American) history, while sharing his platform and what he plans to continue to do as our President. I can also appreciate that he spoke about how things need to change, but not without taking steps and people making a contribution to those changes. He also repeated “We the People”, and I think that was definitely noteworthy  In other words, I thought it was a great speech. Kelly Clarkson did an outstanding job, and Beyonce did a wonderful job, too. I actually had to listen to the poem twice. The first time I was a little lost, but after the second hearing, I can say that it was a well-written poem. It was very touching, and relatable. The benediction was great! I absolutely loved the fact that he prayed over ALL his children, and not just certain groups of people.

Overall, I’m happy that I had the opportunity watch the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. In the future, I’d recommend to those who haven’t watched one to do so. It’s a very important tradition in our country, and should be experienced whether in person or not.

Like A Soda That Lost Its Fizz… 2012 Election

As you all are aware, this is an extremely important election coming up. President Obama and Vice President Biden are up for re-election and are running against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I debated whether or not I should refer to them by their first name only, since so many ignorant people choose to refer to President Obama as just Obama. As you can see, I took the high road.

As the days are dwindling down, I along with my family have noticed a lack of enthusiasm about this upcoming election as it concerns re-electing President Obama and Vice President Biden. I’m not sure why this is, but I hope it’s not an indication of what’s to happen come November. Yes, I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and will do so in 2012. I know that it’s just as important to go vote and encourage others to do so this year as it was four years ago.

Now, this post is not to tell you who to vote for, rather it’s to encourage President Obama’s supporters to step our game up, per say. We need to rally together and get other supporters enthusiastic about going to the polls in November just like we did in 2008. I know that I can’t afford to pay $2000 more in taxes a year, and I value my right to make decisions concerning my body. So, I will be ready to go on election day.

While watching the pre-reports of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), it was repeatedly stated that while things are not where we’d like them to be, we are definitely in a better situation than we were before President Obama took office. I agree. I think as Americans, our concept of time has in some ways damaged our view of the world. We believe that everything should be done at a fast pace, like the concept of the microwave. However, many things take time and patience, two virtues that are not fully grasped in our country. People were scrutinizing the President after being in office for only one year. Seriously?! He’s had a huge mess to clean up and I believe he’s done an excellent job thus far. He was the change that I was looking for in 2008 and he’s the change I look forward to in November 2012.

With that said, for all you President Obama supporters, I plead with you to make sure you bring that same enthusiasm you had in 2008 to 2012. The President and Vice President are going to need the same support that put them in office four years ago to keep them there. Do whatever you can to contribute, whether it be posting information to your Facebook or donating. I am going to  use social media as a means to communicate information about the upcoming election, and arrange for my community service organization to do something pertaining to voting.

I’d like to end on this note. Please educate yourself on voter rules and regulations in the county that you are registered to vote. While many will deny it, there are people out there who do not want you to vote. Some states have even vowed to do voter purges to “eliminate non-citizen voters.” Many believe this is a ploy to decrease the minority vote.  It has been reported that Mitt Romney has 0% of the black vote (please visit the link below). Also, for all you students out there, make sure you find out if you’re able to vote at the college you attend. When I voted for the first time in 2004, I was able to do so at the University of South Florida. I’ve heard that voting at the college you attend is being eliminated in some areas thus making it difficult for the young voters to participate.

Regardless of who you vote for, exercise your right to vote.

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