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5 Dating Red Flags [4 the Ladies]

top-five-dating-safety-red-flags-largeOver the past week or so, I’ve read a couple of blogs about dating. I was inspired to write this piece based on what I read.  Women sometimes need help with identifying red flags when a guy begins to show interest. Some red flags may not be as evident as others. With that said, I’ve come up with 5 Red Flags that all women should be aware of.

  1. Bae/Boo/Baby. This is really weird. If a guy calls you bae/boo/baby right off the back, chances are he’s a clinger. You may want to Harlem shake out of the clinch. These are terms of endearment and should only be used when you’ve been dating someone for a significant amount of time.
  2. “I miss you.” If you’ve only met once or a couple of times, and the guy is already claiming to miss you. Please run in the opposite direction. How can you miss someone you don’t know? It seems to me that the guy is just trying to say something he thinks you may like, and if he’s willing to do that then he probably has ulterior motives.
  3. All text. No call. If a guy only texts you and never calls that is a problem. You can’t get to know a person through text. Speaking over the phone doesn’t allow for a lapse between responses, and you can also hear his tone when he speaks. If he only texts you, he may have something to hide like a girlfriend. Lol.
  4. “What’s the freakiest thing you’ve done?” If a guy is asking a lot of questions related to sex. Stop. Drop. And Roll out of there!  It’s extremely likely that is all he is concerned with. There’s a time and place for everything. Asking what your favorite position is on the first telephone conversation you have is definitely a no-go!
  5. Social Media stalking. If he immediately sends you a friend request on Facebook, follows you on Twitter and Instagram, likes all your pictures, retweets all your tweets, and comments on everything you post, he’s crazy. This is a sure sign he’s a stalker. No one likes to be stalked, so ease out of that situation by limiting what he can see.

What are some of your red flags? Please share!


Here’s the Fit of the Week! Pairing leggings with dresses really make for an awesome outfit. I wasn’t feeling very bright. So, I just wore dark colors. Not to mention it was raining, which made it one of those days. I was going to wear a pair of Ugg-style boots, but decided to go with the combat boots. I think the boots added a bit of flair to the outfit. I like combing different styles to complete an outfit. Although I didn’t want to wear any bright colors, I added color through my makeup. I think this is another way to add color to a dark/dull colored outfit.



Cardigan: Dillards

Leopard Dress: Target

Leggings: Target

Combat Boots: Traffic

Skinny Belt: Unsure

Ordinary Woman by Donna Hill

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve slacked off severely with my reading over the years. At the beginning of 2012, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read at least 5 books within the year. Some may say that 5 books is not a lot, and you’re right. However, for someone who hasn’t read a book for leisure in quite a long time, that was a good number to start with. I’ve surpassed my goal. One of the books that I read was Donna Hill’s Ordinary Woman. I read this book in a week and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ordinary Woman is about  infidelity between a woman’s best friend and her husband. This book is set up to tell the same story through the eyes of each main character. This format allows the readers to understand how each character was affected by the infidelity and what led up to it. While, I haven’t read many books that are formated like this, I felt that this was a great way to tell a story about cheating. In reading this book, I was able to get a full grasp on how each character viewed themselves, the situation and the others involved. That was amazing!

This book had all of my emotions involved; I was sad, mad, happy, etc. Going into this book, I was under the notion that it was going to be about the drama that stems from a woman cheating with her best friend’s husband, but it was much deeper than that. While there are a variety of reasons why people cheat (something I do not condone), it was reiterated in the book that it doesn’t necessarily have to be just about the act of sex. This idea got me thinking and put the act of cheating in another perspective for me. I, like many people in this world, thought that cheating was just about having sex with another person. For a lot of people who cheat,  it’s not. Cheating can actually be about lacking something emotionally from the relationship they’re stepping out on.

The book’s characters were well-developed and realistically created, which is why I believe I was open to accepting them. Regardless of the role each character played in the situation, I couldn’t help but to relate to each one on some level. Relatability is a wonderful characteristic for any book to have. Overall, the characters created an entertaining storyline that kept me interested the entire time.

While one may think that the story would have a bad ending, it was anything but that. All of the characters experienced growth within the facets of their own lives. And unlike a lot of books about infidelity, there was a moral to the story. In my opinion, Ordinary Woman was about the idea that everything happens for a reason and it is up to us as to how we allow things we cannot control affect us.

I would definitely recommend this book. Ordinary Woman is a book that you will feel compelled to read from beginning to end. As far as which audience I think would get the most from it, I believe that this book was written for young to middle-age women.

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