Sagging Pants Lands Two in Jail

multisagTwo men were arrested for allegedly refusing to pull up their pants, disorderly conduct. Well, I have no pity for them. I absolutely hate when boys and men sag their pants. It’s not cute, and it absolutely sends the wrong messages. So, if someone asked them to pull up their pants why did they feel it was necessary to be confrontational about it? Did they feel like someone was invoking on their right to express their individuality? Did they feel they were being picked on or violated because of how they were dressed? Either way, their decision not to pull up their pants when asked was a stupid one. So many boys and men sag their pants that there’s no way they felt like their right to express their individuality was violated. In fact, there were two men together who were arrested, not one. Maybe these men felt like they were singled out because they chose to expose their boxers to anyone who happened to look in their direction. So, what? I’m sure some people felt violated when they had to look at the boxers of these two men.

I don’t understand why boys and men think it’s cool and/or respectable to sag their pants, for some, up to the point that they can’t walk without holding the crotch of the pants or that their butt is completely out. I just do not get it. There have been plenty of times that I’ve been walking behind someone and have seen an entire butt just sitting on the top of a pair of pants. I’d even go as far to say that I’ve seen the bottom of underwear because that’s just how low the pants were sagged. What does sagging pants mean? What message are they trying to convey by wearing their pants so low that they literally have to hold on to them in order to keep them from collecting at their ankles?

The messages I get from sagging pants is a boy or man who have a lack of self-respect and maturity. I most certainly have a lack of respect for boys and men who don’t have enough pride to wear their pants over their butts. It’s really okay to wear a belt. No one will think less of you if put one on. i promise! Just a FYI for the fellas though, a respectable go-getting woman does not like for her man to sag his pants. Trust me. So, I’m not sure who you’re going to impress by dressing like that. Nothing positive has spun from this trend. It’s time to let it go.

Just a quick side note… It is a myth that sagging your pants was formulated as a way to identify homosexuals in prison. However, sagging did begin in prison. I think the stigma of sagging your pants is still valid.

What are your thoughts?

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