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Lesson Learned

friendship dead endIn life we are often thrown curve balls. I in no way ever feel bitter or resentful because of this. I know with each curve ball thrown, there’s a lesson to be learned. With that said, I have definitely learned a valuable lesson when it comes to people we may at one time or another considered to be a friend.

Over the years, I, like many other people, have lost friendships. However, I never look at these situations as a loss because I truly believe that some people are not meant to be your friend forever. I will admit that I may have been the cause of some of these lost friendships. I am no way naive to that factor; however, I can also say that the person I presented myself as in the beginning is the person I will remain to be throughout all my relationships and friendships. That being said, I feel that the lessons I learn come from the friendships that I don’t necessarily receive a forewarning. Some people are very good at masking their identities, and portraying themselves as something they obviously aren’t. While most of these people are hard to detect, with time, their true colors will seep through.

I feel that God has blessed me with the ability to be a good judge in character. Thinking back, I am almost never shocked by the actions of other people whom of which I have or had a relationship/friendship with. The way that I’m most affected is through my feelings. Although people often show who they are through their actions rather than their words, I often give people the benefit of the doubt and turn the other cheek. I prefer to look for the good in people. Call it a flaw or what have you, but this is who I am.

I’m writing this post mainly because I’ve decided going into this new year to leave some people behind and wanted to share my perspective. A few people who I’ve considered to be friends, not necessarily best friends, have shown their true colors. Their lack of regard for our friendship were shown at times that left a lasting impression and a clear understanding of the type of friend they truly were. Whether it’s difficult or not, some times we have to make these kind of decisions. At the time, we may not understand, but it’s truly beneficial to let go of the negative in our lives so that we fully enjoy the positive things that life has to offer. Life is too short, and you never know when it’s your time to go. So, you should make the best of it, and allow it to be filled with things and people who bring you joy.

My words of advice are to distance yourself from people who don’t positively contribute to your life. As I mentioned before, it’s a hard decision to make, but in the end, you’ll see the positive difference it will make.

Gladys and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles [Atlanta]

I am definitely shaking my head while writing this review. I had high expectations going to this restaurant located in Atalanta. My expectations were met with disappointment.

I ordered a chicken breast, waffle, catfish and grits. The chicken and waffle came out cold. Yuck! My butter didn’t even melt on my waffle. I asked the server to nuke my chicken and waffle, and that’s exactly what she did. Everyone knows what warmed-up fried chicken tastes like; it’s gross. She should have said that she’d have the kitchen make a fresh waffle and chicken breast. After re-receiving my chicken and waffle, I didn’t think there was anything special about them at all. Considering this restaurant is supposed to be known for these two items, I was quite disappointed that it had no flair and was just the average chicken and waffle combination.

The catfish was pretty good though, but the grits were salty. I wish that I had only ordered the catfish and grits because I wasted my money ordering the chicken and waffle. I’ve definitely had better.

The server was okay. She was somewhat attentive to our table; she could have checked on us more often. After the food was delivered, she kept away for quite a while. There was nothing spectacular about her service.

I was really excited to visit this restaurant, mainly because of the names associated with it. However, that’s all this restaurant stood on, its name. This was later confirmed by a resident of Atlanta, who said that people only go there for the name because the food is not all that good. Now, the menu offered a lot of other options. So, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I don’t recommend it. I’d give it another shot, but I would definitely order something else.

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